Win a Kimberly Geswein Lifetime License & a Mystery Box

Remember the Mystery Box?
For those of you who do...
It's OK, you can squeal...We did.
For those of you who may not, come in real close because we're about to let you in on a major secret.
It's a monthly, mysterious giveaway hosted by fabulous bloggers.
You can squeal... I did! I love a good mystery and I love the Mystery Box.

Well, it's back for 2014!
We've got a few tricks up our sleeves
in our boxes this year.
So, follow along and enter for your chance to win. 
“What do you win?”, you ask.
For 1 Grand Prize Winner:
A box full of mysterious marvelousness delivered directly to your front door. The box will have $30 worth of teacher friendly goodies to pamper yourself with all month through.
Here's a few from last year that got rave reviews!
Plus a surprise for the Grand Prize Winner...
Your Choice of 1 digital goodie from each of our TpT Shops too. more BIG trick up our sleeves in our boxes.
For the Grand Prize Winner...
……… Wait for it ………
A Lifetime License for Kimberly Geswein Fonts.
It's OK...You can squeal.
We did.
 I don’t know about you but I am still squealing! .
Plus, one more trick for the Mystery Box 2014.
We'll also be selecting 2 Runner Ups to win!
  • Digital Prize Package worth over $35...
  • 1 specially selected item from each of our stores.
  • 1 single commercial KG Font license  


You need to be a follower on our blogs to win. So BEFORE you enter the “copter” hop along and follow the 7 of us.  Only 7, no big deal.  You can enter the Rafflecopter on any of our blogs along the way!
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Winners will be announced Jan 15th on each of our blogs, so be sure to check back or follow us by email and don't miss a beat.  The more entries, the more chances you have to win!
Good luck!


  1. Holy mackerel! You ladies are starting the year off with a bang! Anything could be in that box and I would love's a mystery, it's a box, it's a giveaway!!! If I had to pick something, some chocolate would make it sweet!

  2. Wow this is a amazing!! I would be so excited to get anything in the mystery box! Teacher treasures are my favorite...any and all pens, markers, stickers, note pads, etc... Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  3. Wooooo Hooo!! I would love to win this mystery box!!!

    1. I would wish for dry erase circles....

  4. Wow, I cannot even imagine what could be in that awesome mystery box!! I would want anything that would help my classroom. I get a kick out of office supplies and cutesy teacher things. My fingers are crossed! :)

    Sam C.

  5. This is such an exciting giveaway! And how generous of all of you to do this. I am betting this box is full of teachery cuteness or maybe chocolate... I'm sure whatever it is will be amazing :-)

    Thanks again!
    Diana (Happy Teacher Happy Kids)

  6. I know that I would love anything that is in the mystery box but I'm hoping that there is a little something to pamper the teacher!

  7. This would be an awesome treat! Happy teacher...happy life!

    Thanks in advance fir the opportunity!

    Yolanda Tamayo

  8. I would love to win the box and I really hope it has those frixion pens that everyone is talking about!

  9. I wish someone could pack some extra hours in a box and give them to me for my birthday! Haha!! :)
    Of course, that's not possible. So anything that is given is always appreciated! :)

    Adventures in Dawleywood, formerly First Grade with Ms. Dawley

  10. I would LOVE to win this mystery box! Of course we all love free stuff! But maybe this will kick start my new year with making more things for my TPT shop and helping me out in the classroom!

    Thanks again!
    All Things Teachery!

  11. I totally want this just because I love all of you. What a rock star group. I miss you guys and can't wait to hang out with you at the Southern Cal conference. I hope you are all doing well. Have fun with this amazing giveaway. Hugs, Fran

  12. Wow! This is amazing!!! I would love any "love offering"…it's always fun to get unexpected surprises!!! :)

  13. Wow! This is amazing! I am not really sure what I think is in the box but I remember past boxes and they were pretty awesome.

  14. Wow! What a great idea--I hope I win! (hehe) I guess most teachers are them same that we want chocolate and/or school/teacher stuff. Maybe a Starbuck's gift card too!

  15. I couldn't wish for anything in particular as a surprise wouldn't be as special as when you receive something others take time to choose for you! Thank you for your hard work and sharing your incredible talent and time!

  16. I would take anything! But I would love to see some organizational stuff in there, like a planner, or even some binder clips! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

    Mindful Rambles

  17. Oh my gosh I cannot wait to see who wins!!!

  18. Like every teacher everywhere, I would love any of the school supplies teachers always want---post-it notes, markers, highlighters, etc. But, I would also like a coupon for free ink cartidges. Also, I would like a coupon to Starbucks. What ever it is, it will be wonderful.

  19. I'm so excited about the giveaway!!!

  20. Would love to win anything I could use with my kindlers!

  21. Wow! What a fantastic fun giveaway!! I would be happy to see anything in the box, but definitely some fun pens or markers!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  22. The mystery box concept is awesome and who doesn't love to see a delivery box sitting on their front porch when they get home? Thanks for your generosity ladies! At this time of the year I could always use more flair pens, clips, and a little something special to keep me going through all of this inside recess!!

  23. I would love to win anything from this amazing box but I love markers and pens. They are my favorite!!

  24. AHHHHHHH. I HAVE to win this box!!!!!!! Otherwise I'm going to have to purchase all of these amazing prizes, haha!!! :)

  25. Wow, what an awesome way to start the year. You all are so amazingly creative and fun!


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