50% off Monster Trucks Double Digit Addition

Day two 50 percent off Monster Trucks

If you need a sure fire way to get your students to LOVE double digit addition then it has to be monster trucks!

50% off on 12/17

My students would cheer when it was time for math. Cheer I tell you! It could be because I started every math lesson with…

Are you ready for a Monster Truck Rally?
Are you ready for a Demolition Derby???
Let me hear you scream !

This unit is on sale 50% off for today only.  Here is a snippet of a blog post from June so you can see this unit in action.

Monster Trucks is a 10 days of fabulous double digit addition with and without regrouping/ carrying.


Just in case you think your girls might not dig this… I give you “ladybug truck”. They get 2 minutes to decorate their truck before beginning. All pages come in full color seen above and black line master seen below.


The flag method is SUPER helpful as math “training wheels” so to speak. They divide the ones and tens place, and provide a visual cue on where to carry. The flags are only provided at the beginning of the unit and must be written in by the child toward the end of the unit if they still need it/ want it.

IMG_0421     IMG_0422 Monster Mania first roundCapture 1
After 6 days of practice we move on to the “DEMOLITION DERBY”.

You have never been to a derby?   It is really fun ( in a smash a beer with your forehead  kind of way) . Every summer my dad took me to a derby so I have fond memories. This is what a derby looks like. The last car standing wins money and hopefully avoids an ambulance ride.

I set up our white board to look like this.
Here is how the Demolition Derby works: The kids solve on the black and white version. They circle each problem that they regroup on.  The car's side with the most regrouping is marked as the winner. Then I project the color version and we do it together as a way to check our work.
Teacher to the Core Monster Trucks (2)
The winning car gets the winners cup next to it on the whiteboard and the losing car gets pulled off the whiteboard and put into the auto body shop.  My students were losing their minds as we did this !!! They have never had so much fun!
IMG_0411      IMG_0410
 Monster Trucks Demolition Derbey
 IMG_0726   IMG_0727

We made a HUGE Demolition Derby Bulletin Board with their independent practice!!! Their little heads were about to explode! I love the orange chevron lettering. It’s the small things that make me happy! You’ll be happy too because the lettering is included in the unit. The kids were dying over who was crashing into who.  I cared the most about the math that is found underneath.

50% off on 12/17


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