TpT 101- How do I make great covers?

When I first started my TpT adventure, I meandered my way through a few freebies and products. I made a few mistakes along the way too.  If this sounds familiar to you or you are looking for some TpT product tips and tricks, then you have come to the right place!

If you want to get started on TpT or improve your products click here for some tips from top sellers

Today I am going to show you how I make my product covers. I am not the “Queen of the Covers” by any means, but I can tell you that covers make a BIG difference to your potential buyers!

How to make a TpT cover from Teacher to the Core

I have to illustrate my point about how covers alone don’t sell, but covers do grab attention!
Here is a cover that was getting moderate attention until I changed it. NOTHING inside the unit changed… just the cover. Once the cover was updated, the unit tripled in sales in a short time.

   Learning to regroup 
Covers make a difference.

How to stand out on Pinterest- Your covers matter-Tutorial on Teacher to the Core
Here is a screenshot of Pinterest.
 What do you see? Your eyes most likely go to the covers!
 The brown turkey cover with LARGE white writing can’t be missed. A potential buyer might think…“That’s a good looking unit. I think I'll check it out." 

If your content is good, then you might make the sale. If you want people to click on your product you need a great idea, name, and … you guessed it… an eye catching cover.

Here is a 5 minute tutorial for how I make my covers using Power Point. It’s my first video… so feel free to giggle…I don't mind.  I had a good laugh at what my voice sounds like!!!

Click pic. below for a quick video tutorial. 
This will take you to You Tube

Oh boy, I was nervous showing you all that video. Did you guys see my computer desktop? I cleaned it up just for you because I knew you would be seeing it. It was a MESS earlier today.  It’s kind of like hosting a party at home… before the guests arrive you have to fight with your spouse , put things away, fold laundry,  throw out the trash, and gussy up your place.  My desktop got the same treatment for your visit today!

F-R-E-E-B-I-E   A-L-E-R-T       image 
Did you miss the freebie announcement? No the large all caps ALERT caught your eye? Great! I did not want you to miss these freebies. I am taking no chances. You might be tired, or lost your glasses. I know the ALL CAPS helped.  I am also hoping that these freebies will help make your cover building more fun. Melonheadz has offered a TpT Cover Making Starter Kit exclusively for my readers. How fun!!! Michelle the 3am Teacher is offering her adorable frames!

Click {here} for the Melonhead mini-bundle. 
Click {here} for the 3AM Frames.

Have fun on your TpT adventure. I hope that this post helped on your journey and that the posts below do the same.  I can't wait to see what you create! I wish you a ton of SUCCESS!

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  1. Love this post! While I don't make products for TpT it's still nice to create a cute cover page for my own activities! Also, I loved the video, now when I read your blog I actually hear it in your voice ha ha!

    Thanks again,
    The Imaginary Classroom

  2. Love this Katie!
    Thanks so Nikki and Michelle for the freebies

  3. I love this post :) I hate looking back at some of my first products, haha. I can't wait until Christmas break when I have time to revamp them!!

    Simply Second Grade

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  5. You are the cutest thing, Katie Knight! Loved your video and love you, too!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  6. What a great video, Katie. Thank you! I always create my covers in Paint, and I had a feeling there was an easier way. This is SO much easier. Now I don't need to pull my hair out nearly as often :))

    1. Oh I hope that Publisher or Power Point help with this!

  7. Super cute video! I use powerpoint to create, but have never used design:) Thanks for the tips!

    The Resourceful Apple

  8. Thanks so much for you inspiration! I am thinking now how I can make my cover pages more interesting! I do have a question though...why did you save the powerpoint as a png file? I have never heard of that before...... Thanks :)

    1. A png is a graphic that is cleaner. I believe it might be saved at higher resolution. I also think it has a clear background. A jpeg is often a little bit fuzzy.

  9. Great video! I also use powerpoint, but haven't used design for the background. Thanks for the great tips!

    Learning is for Superstars
    follow on Facebook

  10. Awesome tips! Great collaboration! Well done!

  11. So fun that you guys did it! Great idea friend.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  12. Thanks so much for your great video and your helpful tips! I am going to have to go back and make some of my covers more appealing!
    Tricks of the Trade in First Grade

  13. I never thought about creating different text boxes to be creative with each row. I am trying it on my next product! Thanks for the great video.
    My Second Sense

  14. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I have become a clipart addict! I love your collection of frames! Where did you find them all?

    A+ Classroom Creations

    1. I have picked them up from TpT. I love a great frame.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing these "how to's." I just found you via Pinterest. Not sure how I hadn't visited your blog yet, as I have seen many of your products. I guess it was those cute covers that caught my eye. I can't wait until Christmas break. You've definitely inspired me to go back and revamp all of my products.
    A Teaspoon of Teaching

    1. Melissa Welcome!!! I hope you visit us often!

  16. Hey Katie-

    Have you ever used Photoshop Elements? I find it's easier than Powerpoint to put together product pages. Then, after I've made all the pages, I simply drag and drop them into Powerpoint to make the PDF. I hear Indesign from Adobe is even easier, but it's $$$. Photoshop Elements is around $80. Not bad... It's a bit of a learning curve with Photoshop, but it's MUCH faster once you get the hang of it.

    The Classroom Creative

    p.s. Laundry is my nemesis. I sing while I fold makes it easier...

  17. Katie~ This was such a great read! I loved the video. It's really groovy of you to help out new bloggers/sellers!

  18. Katie,
    All of your How-To's have been fabulous and inspiring. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

  19. Thank you for the information! My covers are night and day different now. If you want to take a peek here is my blog.
    Thanks again, Gwyn

  20. Very helpful! Thank you so much! I am attempting to start blogging and creating more TPT products!


  21. Katie,

    Wow! What an amazing tutorial! I am thrilled with the freebies too! You have definitely inspired me. I think I will do a little experiment and see what happens with my TPT covers. I definitely need an overhaul!

    Thank you!
    Apple Tree Learning Blog

  22. Katie Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I have just started creating things to plan for when I'm teaching full time and your tutorial was very easy to follow. I do have an addition question though. Where did you collect all of those backgrounds and borders? Did you purchase them from somewhere? Also, how do you know who to give credit to if you have downloaded them from someone else? Thanks for your help!!!

  23. Thank you so much for this very helpful video. I am taking baby steps in this process. I am pinning this so I can come back as I work my way through this. Any suggestions on the backgrounds, clipart and borders appreciate. I love how you have your clipart so organized!


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