Christmas Miracle in October….

As we all know Christmas is less than 7 weekends away! Santa is very busy working on toys for all the good little boys and girls. He is also printing Starbucks cards for all the teachers who are not found on the naughty list.
Santa took a break from all this hard work to hop on his sleigh and visit my house this Halloween week. He had found a puppy who needed a home. Santa needed a really good boy. He needed a boy with a kind heart and gentle hands. He checked his list and found my son. He left us a green box, surrounded with fake glittering snow. Atop the box was a big red bow. We found the box when we went outside to plug in the Mickey Blow Up.
So my little guy opens the lid, finds this little baby, and a handwritten card from Santa himself!
Santa writes cards too. Who knew!!! Sometimes Santa needs to explain things like why on Earth he is visiting so early! It was magical. The card, the box, the puppy, my son… magic.  But if you want to read this story through a set of truly magical eyes… read my husband’s blog post {here}.
 Writing Pad Dad
Grab a tissue, because there is nothing like a father talking about his child to bring a tear to your eye!
IMG_5480 Welcome Zero!
Now speaking of Christmas and the list of naughty and nice kids, I have a confession to make. I am on the naughty list. {insert the sound of weeping} I forget to take my attendance… often… At least 1 time a week my school secretary calls me and says Mrs. Knight, please take your attendance. Now in my very feeble defense I usually forget on Fridays when I have 5 mommies in my room to help students master their sight words. They arrive in force and I both love it and allow it to panic me. My eyes glaze over and in my fear over forgetting their names, I forget to take attendance. Feeble excuse, I know. Anyway, my new admin is disgusted with how many of us forget to take our attendance and now HE CALLS US and tells us to take our attendance!!!!!!!!!!!  I am officially on the naughty list and I want off ! Santa gets me Starbucks cards!!!!!! I need back on that good list, but just in case I don’t get back on this good list maybe I can win one from my hubby’s blog {here}. Oh wait I can’t win my hubby’s giveaway!!! Well, I love you and want you to win. So it does not matter if you are on the good list or not, go enter to win a tasty treat and enjoy the Christmas cups because they are back!!!
It’s time for currently again and I love it!!!!!!! Farley is just the best, cute as a button, and a genius!!! Next month we all get to design the Currently and her momma will pick the winner. Now that is FUN!!!! My Currently is very self explanatory, but this pinning part needs a little attending to! I am going to make these and bring them to Thanksgiving!!!! Yummy and fun!
So simple too!!!!
Apple Pie Fries
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Super Fun Pinner who pins more than just teacher stuff
I don’t just do teacher pins… Does Pinterest ever feel like a big curriculum commercial??? I feel that way, so I go out of my way to search out other fabulousness!!!
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