Being a mom {to a puppy}

This is week 3 of life with a newborn…puppy.  I am telling you that human newborns are easier. They just are. You diaper them, feed them, and they don’t do any of the following:

1. Poop all over the house.

2. Run blindly through the house, like the devil himself is chasing him, because poop is stuck to his bottom, thus spreading poop particles!

3. Chew on computer cords.

4. Fall asleep in obscure locations, and make you believe you have lost your Christmas Miracle in October puppy. 

Nor do human newborns …

5. Stay up all night long and cry if you leave the room.  That comes later in parenthood.  It starts instantly with a puppy.

#4 and #5 have really got me growing grey hairs! Disclaimer: I would like to express to you how deeply I love the little fur baby. I would also like to express my DEEP exhaustion regarding our new arrival.

will this puppy sleep tonight or wont he

Let me rewind a day or to and discuss #4. Zero found a comfy spot and fell asleep. Jackson and I had been playing the game Sorry and after we were done we were very sorry we had not been watching the puppy more carefully. We could not find Zero for 10 minutes. After 5 minutes of calling him and running in circles, we still could not find him. Jackson burst into tears and said our big dogs ate him.  I looked for blood… I mean seriously.  The Flower Girls (Poppy and Daisy) who are 20 and 12 pounds only eat dog treats, but a new puppy is annoying. Had they had enough of the intrusive newbie??? Did they corner him and lay on him??? So, I picked up the bigger 20 pound dog to see if she was smothering him.  Nothing. Where was he??? I told Jackson to start picking up everything. I figured he is under something, and at that point I was glad he was not under the BIG shih-tzu. Low and behold… under a pillow and wedged between the pieces of our sectional sofa… was Zero. Soap opera ended… mommy needs a nap and a therapy session.

Puppies sleep in the strangest places 
So moving on to #5 the puppy WON’T sleep at night. No Sir.  Mr. Party-All-the-Time is activated by me shutting the laptop and attempting to go to sleep.  I get him tucked into my sleeping son’s room.  I sit a minute, the puppy looks relaxed and I get up. But then the puppy gets up. I mean, can you see where I am going with this? Repeat 5 times, up-down, up-down, up-down….  I finally trick the puppy into falling asleep AGAIN and leave only to hear crying an hour later! I don’t want him to wake my son.  I don’t want him to wake my husband, so I am up with the puppy.
Last night it was at its worst. I slept on my son’s floor. LIKE AN IDIOT.  I just wanted to sleep and I did not care where. Slllllllllleeeeeeeeeepppppp was all I needed. 10 Aleve later (not really) my back feels better and I am trying something new tonight… I am blogging in my son’s room. The puppy is sleeping and there is a good chance I can get out of here since the puppy seems to be dreaming and this means he is headed toward a deep sleep. PTL

I have at least 5 more minutes to let him really get to sleep so I will make you a little freebie!

Find, Tally, and Graph {dog}

Download now

Enjoy my sweet friends.  PLEASE comment with some puppy tricks ! I am dying of exhaustion here! Love ya!