Currently freaked out by air cleaners … save me from the air cleaners!



Listening: To Air Cleaners

Some of you might not know but everyone in my house has allergies. But the HUBBY has serious allergies, neti pot allergies, sinus issues allergies, pills, tissues, and AIR CLEANERS allergies.  Every room has air cleaners. EVERY ROOM… So if the boys are asleep and it seems like the house should finally be quiet….nope…then I hear the white noise of air cleaners.   It kind of bugs. THE HOUSE IS NEVER QUIET!!!! I’M NOT SHOUTING! I am emphasizing that air cleaners are NOISY. During power outages I am in heaven! But I love him… and his air cleaners.

Loving: The Beach

And, really, who doesn’t ?  post 1

He loves the beach… thrilled to be beach-bound

and singing “California Dreaming” in the car.

Playing with each other makes the beach amazing… and SPF 5 million makes it safe. Jackson says I sunscreen him within an inch of his life. Justin says thank you to me most mornings for “sunscreen-ing” our little guy. Nobody likes skin cancer, least of all me.

Last summer I paid for my baby oil days…but only one spot was “borderline” and they got it all. So now I wear SPF 5 million (overachiever) and a hat! My hubby has said it for years…

“Wear a hat Katie.”

“Are you wearing sunscreen Katie? REAL Sunscreen? Blush is not sunscreen even if it says SPF 20”

“Did you sunscreen? You look pink!”

And now (after the doctor and her scalpel happy hands)

I listen…

Anyway back to the beach…

Too precious for words

post 2

Does his face just capture childhood or is just me?

Thinking/ Wanting

Thinking: 3 day weekends RoCk!

Wanting: a 4 day weekend (overachiever… I know)


Needing: Closure

I’ll blog about this once I can handle it without a breakdown.



1. Exercise…. just to keep from imploding from stress. I HATE exercise. I really do, but it helps bring a certain centering to my day. I’m going to go for broke and sweat.

2. Dream BIG

3. Take Time to: leave my classroom prepped for the next day, to pray (maybe with the air cleaners off), to play with my son, to remind my hubby of how great he is, and write some love notes to the people around me.

I can’t wait to read your Currently posts, especially the | parts. Link back up with Farley {here}.

PS You know the love notes part? I really like to send encouraging cards “love notes” to my friends.  But recently I have been sending text messages… It’s not the same as something nice in the mail… Lisa Mattes just sent me a Box-O-Love and I just about died with joy! It was filled with the sweetest treasures and a note.  I love ya’ girl! What’s the nicest or most recent surprise you got in the mail that made you smile?


  1. Three day weekends surely do rock! Agreed! So glad I found you through Farley's currently. I hope whatever closure you are needing comes soon! Prayers for you!

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. I think we should always have four day weekends...they make much better sense to me!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  3. I like Dream Big! Going to consider what my big dream is . . .

    Krazy Town

  4. Three day weekends do rock, but I agree, a 4 day weekend would be super! Wishing you all the best!


  5. I think teachers must start a movement that requires three day weekends. i am totally relaxed on a Sunday night (I mean Monday morning).
    Happy short week!
    My Second Sense

  6. I absolutely love your three personal goals. I think I could get on board with those too! Thank you for the reminder.

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  7. I too love your goals, especially "dream big". I totally messed up that part on mine - I forgot what Farley said and wondered "Why is there two loving spots"? Oh well - maybe I'll just adopt your goals.

  8. I loved looking at the pictures of your family at the beach. My family loves the beach too! But we are not close enough to visit often. We make a point to take a vacation to the beach every year. Something about the beach is so relaxing.


  9. Oh yuck allergies- we are just headed for that fun season in Australia and I am not looking forward to it. I hope you survive and enjoy the beach. It looks amazing!

  10. I was ADORING every word and pic of this post and was all filled up with love for you...when it expanded even more with a mention! you right back!!!

  11. I love your beach pictures! I can't wait for my little guy to get a little older and take him to the beach! Saying prayers for whatever you need closure for. <3

    Chalk & Apples

  12. Wow! It looks like you have a lot going on! Loved seeing all the pics...I need to start posting pictures more :)

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  13. I am totally on board for a permanant 3 day weekend situation! Loved your post and glad to know you are healthy!
    Curls and a Smile

  14. I agree, a 4 day weekend would have been nice!! I wish I could go to a beach! I'll just have to stick to my backyard pool!

    Sliding into First!

  15. A four day weekend sounds WONDERFUL.

    Your kid is seriously adorable :)

    And those are great goals!

    I love getting all sorts of mail, and this SLANT box thing happening is pretty cool (Check out Lessons With Coffee's blog if you have no clue what I'm talking about!)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  16. I love your beach pictures. I am enjoying a long weekend also.

  17. Those beach pictures are too sweet, Miss Katie! Loving this three day weekend, and wishing it was a four day! :)

    Loving your 3 things for yourself, too! Surprises and sweet notes are the best! :)

    Third Grade Bookworm

  18. I think it is too funny that you also are advocating for every weekend to be a 3 day weekend, because that's what I put in my Currently!

    I hope you get closure on the situation you are currently worrying about.

    I am so jealous of your trip to the beach. I have been absolutely dying to go. I haven't been in like 3 years, and more like 5 when it was warm enough to get into the water. I see a picture of the water, and I can't decide if I want to jump right in or cry! I love the beach!

    Have a great week back at work! I'm not sure if you guys are back in school yet, but even so, have a great week!

    Blooming In First

    P.S. I did your Chicka Chicka Vowel Vowel activities with my students last week, and they LOVED THEM! I will probably try to blog about them later this week. :-) Thanks so much!

    1. Awe thank you girl! I am glad you loved the pack!

  19. Hi there,
    I found you in the currently link up. Your blog is cute! I am your newest follower!!

    Mrs. Bucaroff's Fantastic Fourth

  20. Found you in the currently link up...
    I have terrible, terrible allergies as well but I generally tend to just ignore them and suffer until I end up with an infection :(
    Perhaps I should check out these noisy air cleaners you speak of. :)

    Adventures in Multigrade

  21. Sweet beach pics! Cherish every moment... they FLY by! My "baby" turns 21 Saturday!!!
    I do not remember the last time I received snail mail that wasn't just junk mail!

  22. How did we not make the beach happen this summer?! It looks amazing. His smile says it all. What a good mommy you are!

    Sending clean air and quiet wishes your way friend!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  23. haha, my husband is all about air cleaners, too! He's always changing the filters and asking if I notice a difference (no!). It's for his allergies, but I suspect he's addicted now. I absolutely ♥ your pics!

  24. I laughed a bit at what you listed under "listening to". You'd think that you'd get used to it and learn to drown it out, but that sound can be persistent. But like you said, it's part of your hubby. ;) It's either the sound of air cleaners or the sound of endless sneezing. -Karen @ Pure From Nature


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