Cue Britney Spears… “Hit me baby one more time !” 5000 Hit Freebie Linky Party.

Oh my word have you been to the Primary Chalkboard today??? We have over 5,000 hits on our post called “The Best Freebie I Ever Made”.  We are featuring all of our most downloaded freebies and others are linking up their most downloaded freebies too!  All I have to say is “Click-Click-Hoo-Ray” I am in downloading heaven!
Pick a President
The best freebie I ever made is perfect for you early birds who would like to plan a November Mock Election. At over 16,000 downloads I am thinking people loved it. Having the book Duck for President helps, but it is actually not necessary. You could just say… “Pretend you live on a farm…” and go from there.
Your students can register to vote as a member of the farm.
Differentiated reading passages that cover elections, secret ballots, and so much more.
Full color pieces to make anchor charts.
Voting charts plus a few other goodies!
Head on over to Primary Chalkboard to get this freebie and so many more fabulous freebies!!!! Hurry, go, and have FUN!!!