The best iPad app ever!

Summer Fun With the Kids
I am sure this is nothing too original, but we went to the movies to see Monster University!  Adorable.
And I discovered this App!  This is the Reading Rainbow App for iPad and Kindle Fire.  I am in <3 ! Let me tell you!

Now wait! Don’t shoot me for talking about allowing my child more screen time! I know I was telling you I wanted to find ways to be unplugged this summer, but this app is reading and reading is a good thing! My son and I read Ants by National Geographic Kids, went on a virtual field trip to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier (random I know), and read Jack’s House.  That was the best 30 minutes of screen time ever! Plus, you can choose to read the book yourself or have the book read to you!

Jackson was animated, happy, and talking about his book ideas and observations the whole time.  It was fun, and I know that we are going to be spending some quality time on this screen vs. just screen time.

I love the Reading Rainbow app for my kids and my students!

Set up was easy, but in the end not cheap. It is $5 a month to check out unlimited books.  People who reviewed this were annoyed, but have you seen how much it is to buy a kindle book??? This is a BARGAIN.  He has read and checkout over 10 books today! Yes, please! And unlike the library, there will be no late fees.

For the classroom I can see huge usage in my future.  The non-fiction books are taking about 15 minutes. I can see this being how I teach “Listen to reading” during my Daily 5 Training!  I am even thinking I could pull a reading group while the rest of the kids listen and interact with the books. Did I mention that the pages are interactive?!?!  Click on the picture below to watch a video and I bet you will scramble to try the app for free and then like me click buy for full access!
Summer Fun With the Kids
Please link up and let me know you kept your kids busy last week or how you are planning on keeping your kids busy this week. I hope we can get ideas from each other. Summer can be fun but long if the natives get restless.