I am honored to be helping a hero. Will you help too?

This fundraiser has now closed, but I want to say thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of you who supported the DeWitt family.  If you are the praying kind, I know that they would appreciate your continued prayers.  You all have blessed them greatly and I am honored to have been a part of this. 

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The DeWitt family (seen below) needs our love and support.

John Dewitt has lost his battle with cancer, and we want to ease his family’s burdens. Only 9 months after his diagnoses, his family prepared themselves to say goodbye. Just hours after his daughter received her high school diploma, Jon passed away. He left behind a legacy of service as a Lieutenant and a beautiful family. Jon's wife Angela had just recently left her job to care for John.  I know that we can help this amazing family.  I also know that you are looking for some great units to make this school year the best it has ever been.  We have gathered together to bring you the “Help a Hero Pack”.  Your $25 (or more) donation will go directly to the Dewitt family, and in return you will get these amazing units!

       Hope King          Susan Moran         Erica Bohrer

Amy Lemons           Jodi Southard           Deedee Wills

Sarah Cooley          Rachelle Smith           Natalie Kay

Lindsey           Me Katie Knight           Katie King

Anna Brantley        Kelley Dolling          Kim Adsit  

Darlin' in First        Deanna Jump        Babblin' Abby



If you have my Print Like a Jedi Master in your cart, please consider buying it through this fundraiser. I know the DeWitt family will love you forever for it!

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Speaking of LOVE, I love the TpT eBooks and the ladies that put them together are absolute dreamboats!

The incomparable Rachelle Smith gathered bright ideas and freebies together and placed them in one easy download.  Announcing the B2S Common Core eBook- Math edition! You can see me on Page 23. My tip… encouraging us to remember the “boys” when planning lessons.  I really think that a special part of who “boys” are gets lost in the always quiet and always calm classroom.  So I make it a point to try and be noisier than I want to, wilder than I care to, and have curriculum that appeals to them. You can download my booty shaking Hibernation Science activity from the eBook and so much more! Enjoy my friends and if you can, let’s help a hero.

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