Throw Back Thursday!

Don’t you love Cara Carroll ? Only Cara could think up a blog linky that does not require a ton of work!  We are throwing back to early blog posts. That’s perfect for me because like any new blogger ( a year ago ) I wrote great posts that no one read….

Like this one about the Hunger Games Book 1 Crisis,  and how I had to hide in my own house to stay up and read all night.

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Originally published March 27, 2012

Hunger Games

Well, while the rest of you saw the movie this weekend, I devoured the book! I ordered it weeks ago, and it took Amazon an eternity to get me my book.  It was worth the wait. My goodness. I loved it, but I am nervous to go on to the next books. I am having a crisis! Do I dare read on? I love what I read! Can’t we all just get along? Really does there have to be a war?

Somebody blurted out that they didn't like how book 3 ended... so should I read the rest?  Who cares what one person says right? But I am exhausted, and cannot even get myself to B&N to buy the next one.

This maybe because I was up until 1:30 finishing the book.  I sat on the sofa reading like my life, or Katniss' life depended on it. The problem is our new house has a slight "reading all night" disadvantage over our old house. 

In the old house when I wanted to stay up all night and read, I would drag my blankets and pillows into our bathtub and shut the door. Hey don't judge, it is surprisingly comfortable in there. Think about your tub filled with blankets and pillows. It is a little reading cocoon. The bonus was the reading light was blocked out by the door. Should my slumbering "Mr." awake, he has no idea I am irresponsibly squandering my precious hours of sleep.

But the new house has a big beautiful arch between the master and the master bath. Arch. No door. Light gives me away. So I read on the sofa…

"Go to sleep, Katie" he calls.

 I move to the family room.

 "Are you still up?" he asks when he is up for a midnight snack.

Caught again.

"I promise only a few more pages." I say.

I move to the living room.  An hour later, more calls from the bed..."You're going to be grouchy in the morning, Katie."

But then genius strikes.

This house has a guest room !


The guest room! Comfy bed! Newly decorated. My new haven of sleep wasting reading. I love you, new house. I really do.

Now back to the Games. Are you kidding! I'd have been dead in the first 60 seconds because I would pass out thereby, triggering the explosives. If I didn't pass out, I can neither climb trees, nor run fast, nor fish, nor gather food (unless you count raiding a pantry of clearly marked boxes that say Cheez-its and Lucky Charms).

Peeta. That's all I'm going to say. Maybe she should have gone home, eaten a few of his bakery rolls, and tried him on for size. I mean I get it, Gale, but I don't get it..... I get it.  Then again at the end of the Phantom of the Opera I always feel a little bad for the phantom.... Like Katniss I do not forget debt easily.

Boob job: That would have been a score. Katniss would have gotten over it. I would have. Imagine awaking hungry, skinny, and big-boobed! That sounds like a dream come true. I awake hungry, headed to the treadmill, and seeing my previously mention parts shrink along with my thighs.

What's going to happen next. I am too tired to really care, but should I get myself to B&N today???

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Let me tell you, I got myself to Barnes & Noble and proceeded to stay up and read all night long for another week. I also got my husband to read them and then HE was up all night reading too!

Do you want to flash back to my class play? Seriously you do. My first graders almost killed themselves with the back drops….
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Excerpt from: Adventures in Theater with First Graders!

Originally published June 10th 2012

( Bricks Pig from the song Do What’s Right- The 3 Little Pigs)

OK, so here is a little story from this year's show (2012). I am going to tell the adventure through what I would imagine to be the first grade boys' conversation. I did not hear the conversation because I was seated by the parents directing the show.

3 boys jump up and go to the bathroom during the show. Because they can't hold it ... really? Anyway, they come back cuh-ranked to high heaven. As they make their way back to their spots, one grabs the gigantic wooden backdrop and begins to rock it back and forth.

I think this is how the conversation went....

KID 1: “Look guys I can move this big wooden thing! I am soooooo strong!”

//// backdrop rocking/////

KID 2: “No I'm way stronger!”

////// backdrop really rocking ///////

Kid 3: “If we all rock it we can almost tip it over!”

///////backdrop is really moving now//////

KID 2: “Hey what is Mrs. Knight doing on stage? We are in the middle of our dress rehearsal performance for kindergarten! Doesn't she know that?”

///// backdrop still rocking/////

KID1: “Dude she looks scared! What's her deal?”

KID 2: “She's upset too and moving really fast! She is looking at us!”

- - - backdrop stops moving - - -

Kid 3: “Dude.... we are so missing last recess….”

Yes, my friends, this is life with first grade.
I would not trade it for anything!

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By the way have you noticed how fashion is making a full circle?  The colored denim jeans I wore in 6th grade are now back in fashion. I should have kept my 5 button BONGO jeans! What throwback fashion are you loving these days?