Screaming in the bathroom & You heard it here {last}

I know you read on everyone’s blog, and now you have heard it here {last}. There is a BIG BIG BIG sale on the 7th and 8th.  Yippee.  You know I’m in, because I am always in. I appreciate you!

So load up on the goodies that you need to get through the end of the year… I still have 7 weeks of school.





But we are having the blast these last 7 weeks.  I will be releasing a new item tomorrow. It’s math… It’s double digits, and my kids have been begging to do math. BEGGING!!!!!!!!!! It’s a perfect way to end your school year!

Here is a “Sneak Peek”! My boys are beyond thrilled and my girls {who love anything I put in front of them} are just going nuts for decorating their truck everyday! This is making daily double digits a delight! (alliteration… I can’t help myself)

Monster Mania

Screaming in the bathroom was the highlight of today’s indoor all day- no recess due to rain- kind of day.  Oh yes, it rained for 10 whole minutes today, and so we were in ALL DAY.  In one of our whole class bathroom breaks my boys came running out, hands over ear,s and screaming.


ME: [ elevated voice level ] STOP SCREAMING!

BOYS: [still hands over ears and screaming] “WE”RE NOT SCREAMING, HE’S SCREAMING]

ME: [plugging my own ears blowing whistle into vicinity of the boys bathroom] [ out marches the tiniest kid I have ever seen.  How he made that much noise, I don’t know.] 

STILL ME: Why are you screaming? Are you hurt?

KID: [with a big pleased smile] It’s really loud in the bathroom! It’s fun to scream. Then the other boys scream too. 

That my friends is life in first grade.  I could not punish him beyond a talking to. He was so proud of himself.  He got all the other boys to scream. What an accomplishment! This is a really cute kid. I am glad I am not his teacher, but a cute kid none the less.