Life is better with Friends the May Edition


This is for the birds! Common phrase, that sends chills down my spine. I am TERRIFIED of birds. Freaked.  This is because a student and I were attacked by a pair of emus and lived to tell about it. I know! Scary for me and horrifying for the second grader that got attacked right alongside me. It was a sneak attack.... we never saw it coming!

Do you see those cute little emus on the cover of those books??????? Yeah, real cute.... Here's what happened.  For years a petting zoo came to my old school without incident.  But one year in particular, a student and I were in the pen, petting goats, laughing, and having fun...

7 year old: "Let's go pet the big birds." (The Emus)

Me:  No way! Have you lost your mind little girl? Birds are unpredictable. You can't tell if they like you or want to peck out your eyes!  

Me: Sure {inner freak out and deep breathing}

7 year old: Let's hug the emus! My mom will take a picture!

Me: Crap Sure!

As I barely hug the emu, it looks at me intently and seems to love my jacket.  His head seems to bob and weave with my every move. Now, I am afraid of birds, so I was trying not to be paranoid.  I was pretty sure I was seeing things.  This bird is not checking out my rack? Right?

7 year old begins to laugh and shake her hair around. {The hair shaking is important.} She has her hair in about a million braids with bright colorful beads at the end of each braid. Both birds look at each other. Then they both look at us.  

That is when it happened!

They attacked us! 

My bird began pecking at the buttons on my jacket like he had a minute to win it.  Her bird went after the beads.  There was screaming, flapping, crying, wailing, and the little girl was even worse than me.

I don't really remember anything that after the  "Birds Gone Wild" incident. I think I remember the petting zoo people pulling the birds off of us, and I think I remember teaching math later that day. 

I am pretty sure the mom complained because that petting zoo never came back . Fine by me for sure!

Tell me I am not alone. Birds freak you out too... right????

You know after a story like that, I had to do something with birds!  We are doing life cycles right now. We are also reading the stories Butterfly and  The Surprise Family  so I cooked this up for our class tree. 

Click the picture below and watch something MAGICAL happen!!!!

This is a freebie, and it is waiting for you at TpT! Help yourself if you need a little somethin' somethin' to help you teach about the birds and the bees.... wait wrong lesson... birds, life cycles, and nouns. 
Life is so so so much better with friends! These friends to be exact! We are up too late (for our own goods) chatting and creating classroom materials to make your life easier.  This month's giveaway is fabulous! 

Click each pic, follow, and comment for a chance to win. Oh, and did you see those cute birds in the graphic?  We seem to have a bird theme with today's post. Let me tell you each of us has a "bird" story to share. Oh yes, that's right a bird story.... Don't we all have a bird story? This group of friends either loves them, are freaked by them, or have had an encounter worth reading about! Click a pick to head on over. 

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I got my "Baby Fix" with my niece!
Bugging out! I am not a real fan of bugs either... but I have never been attacked by a ladybug, so I am OK... Here are our Compound Ladybugs. These are super fun, cute, and require no tracing! PTL I hate tracing.

I know the picture is upside down... I can't fix it :0(  But the project looks amazing hanging from a laundry line!

 The back is academic as well! You know I have to make my "art smart"  !

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