.99 cent heaven!

“Teacher, I can’t find my eraser.”

{Did you cringe just now?  Maybe you only rolled your eyes.}

Well people, I can’t take it anymore. I am sick of eraser drama, and I just purchased the solution!!! {cue angles singing} Those are giant 12 inch erasers people.  3 per pack for 99 cents.  I am doing a happy dance because THEY work.  They really erase!  It’s chancy when you buy from the 99 cent store.  But these work!!! Plus, they stand up in our pencil containers! No more digging for an eraser at the bottom of the box.  Heaven! I am in heaven! It’s Eraser Nirvana really….
School supplies

What’s the deal with the number flags??? Well three things…

1. The flags keep them from rolling away {and getting lost}

2. It identifies the owner who left it on the floor during buddy work. {keeping it from being lost}

3. There is no confusion as to who is the owner.  {Stealing, swiping, or permanently borrowing is avoided… keeping me from losing my mind!}

Now, "aint nobody got time" for a first grader with a 12 inch eraser.  They would sword fight, whip each other, and God only know what. So I took a moment to cut them in half which worked out just fine! Now it's big but not silly! 

 There you have it.  99 cent heaven!