Teeny Tiny Tacos- Dinner Drama and Alliteration Freebie

My child will not eat tacos.  We love tacos, so this is a problem.  There is a long list of things he does not like. But tacos are the real heart breaker. Tonight I had the genius idea of making teeny tiny tacos as an attempt to trick him into loving them!


I am a sucker for alliteration, and it turns out so is Jackson. Now, I am not going to tell you that he was jumping for joy, but at least he ate them without too much Dinner Drama.


Do you want another Taco Trick? I add olives to the meat mixture which makes them uber yummy.  If you have given up beef but miss it, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of chopped olives and few tablespoons of Parmesan to turkey and it adds a certain beefy-ness. Tonight’s tacos were naughty beef and I loved!


Another Tiny Taco Trick is to use paper towels to drain off the fat.  Now we use almost fat-less meat so there is not much to drain off, but I love this trick.

Fancy a Fabulous Freebie???

Freebie from Teacher to the Core

As I mentioned, I am a sucker for alliteration, so this dinner got my big beautiful brain thinking and I made this for you.  This freebie makes my teeny tiny ticker hop with happiness.  OK no more alliteration because at this point I have just gotten silly. Hope you enjoy the freebie! Leave me a little love letter if you think this freebie is fun and fabulous. Oops! There I go again!Download now


  1. Replies
    1. You comment cracked up my crows feet face!

  2. Fantastic Friday freebie made my failed day fabulous! :)

    1. Failed Friday? A Wonderful Weekend is on the Way!

  3. Tiny Tacos are totally tasty! Such a super supper for the Saturday.

    Third Grade Galore

    1. Tiny Tacos are Totally Tasty in my Tummy.

  4. You guys are cracking me up. I guess you love alliteration as much as I do!

  5. Even if our son won't touch them, those were good tacos!
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

  6. Your teeny tiny tacos are adorable! They look yummy too :)

  7. Katie is kreatively kute. :o) OK so I do know how to spell but wanted to keep with the alliteration factor. Love this post!

  8. What a fun freebie!!! Thank you so much! I love this....and the taco's look delicious too!!

    Jungle Learners

  9. Just discovered your blog and now I am HoOkEd! Thank you for sharing your wonderful word work. :-)


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