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Flying into First Grade

Flying into First Grade is such a fun blog. The weekly Sunday night link ups are keeping me smiling, and the talented Latoya Reed is helping my student achieve and grow with her Common Core Math Mini Books.


I have been using these the past two months and they are great.  My students get so excited to see the books being made by our room mom.


Them: “When will we get to do those?”
Me: “Tomorrow”
Them: “I’m not going to be absent tomorrow!”
“Can we do them outside again!?!”
Me: “Maybe. You never know where we will do our math mini books.”


The weather has been so nice that I have been taking my students outside for some of their lessons. These math books were perfect for that.  But take a few extra pencils out with you to account for breakage. 

 Other fun places I plan to do mini books:
~ The multi-use room
~The library
~ The office (If they allow it)
~ An upper grade classroom while they are at lunch. Can you imagine how excited they will be to sit in the big chairs?  I might even let them use a pen like the big kids get to!

The point is that these books are very portable so they let me get out of my room and bring the academic joy all over campus.  Each book  has 7 glorious topics, and, since it’s in book form and not a worksheet, the kids eat it up!




Latoya has offered a freebie mini book for you!!!  Are you so excited???  I love this girl!!!! It’s waiting for you on TpT so click the heart.

By some crazy accident I got double booked for the magical blog swap, but that was fine with me.  I got to review another of my sweet favorite bloggers. Stefanie Galvin from Miss Galvin Learns is just the cutest! I wrote about her earlier this month {here}. She is an adorable Aussie!  I know if I lived any closer we might throw some shrimp on the barbi and have a grand old time together!

Miss Galvin Learns

I got to tryout one of Stefanie’s amazing games. It helps students decide if a number is part of the 5’s counting pattern. 


The fact that a kid can count to 5 is great, but I want them to be able to think through the skill.  They can count to five like singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, but can they think while doing it?  That is different.  In second grade they need to count to 5 in their money skills topic and in telling time.  So I am using this game to get the thinking going! A mix of cards goes face down.


Some cards fit the 5’s pattern (5, 10, 15… all the way to 200) I only used to 120 since that meet our first grade standard.

Some cards don’t’ fit the pattern (7, 18, 21)

Some cards say “JIVE”

If you draw a jive card all your cards go back in the pile.


My students had an absolute BLAST! After playing the game, they transferred their numbers with a pencil, so they had something to turn in to me as evidence of learning.


Too sweet and builds great thinking! My favorite part of this activity was hearing the kids chant the 5’s pattern with their buddy in order to decide if it fits the pattern. 

This is such a sweet game and a bargain at $1.  You know you want it!

Click tpt

It was such a joy to review these awesome units. I loved them and can’t wait to get more games from Stefanie and more mini math books from Latoya!  Both of these ladies reviewed my Easy Ecology unit.  Hop on over to their blogs to read up on how they liked it. Just click their names to see their magical blog swap posts.

Easy Ecology Needs Art

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