The Meet Up Was Magnificent!


Can you stand it?  Look at these cute people.  Let me tell you, the talent in this group is astonishing! We even had the Channon the director of the Southern California Kinder Conference. We are Fancy Pants!


These are the Kinder Peeps!  So fun!!!!!
Left to Right- Kay from Sommer Pride, Heidi from Heidi Songs,  Christy from Crayons and Whimsy, Michelle from Apples and ABCs,  Hadar from Miss Kindergarten,  Fran from Kindergarten Crayons.


Love! Serious Love! These are some hard working women who rock their first grade classrooms! Vikki from Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After, Katie – It’s Me, Traci from Dragonflies in First, Tammy & Christy who make my heart flutter and from Fluttering Through First, and Kathy from Coloring Outside the Lines.


These are the the Second Grade Sweethearts! Kate from Second Grade Sparkles, Aris from Sailing Into Second , Katie from A Basket Full of Apples.


These ladies are amazing. They work some serious magic!!!  Wendy uses her magic wand as a tutor and publisher of Wendy’s Bookworks.  Shawna is sprinkling some magic on a different class everyday as a sweet sub. She is the author of The Picture Book Teacher’s Edition.  Annie is a homeschooler who is an Educational Fairy Godmother to her own kids and makes us the most wonderful products! She is absolutely and positively the sweetest! She is magic behind The Moffatt Girls.

Our lone upper grade teacher is Layla from Fancy Free In Fouth (pictured right). She is so cute with her baby bump. I loved sharing my basket of fries with her. Michelle Griffo (left) and Layla (right) are college buddies, who went on to teach and get their masters with each other. Lasting friendships are the best!


Awe it’s  Kate and Katie (me)  Hostess Team / Match Made in Heaven. We had the best time planning this event. The minute I heard Kate’s voice on the phone, I knew I loved this girl!


Winners! We know how to throw a  Par-tay! We had raffles and swag! It was like the Oscars with the gifts!  Kate and I each provided a $10 TpT gift card and chose 2 winners using our name tags!


Wendy’s Bag-O-Books! She gave us tons of goodies!


Fluttering Through First brought their adorable notepads!
 Thanks girls. I love mine!
I know what I am doing for volunteer gifts this year!!!!  Christy and Tammy will be blogging a little tutorial for how to do this without burning your house down with a glue gun!

Heidi brought goodies for us too!
 I can’t wait to sing these songs with my students!!!!

Meet up

It was a fun day with amazing women!
 Do you think it’s too early to get the next meet up planned???
My husband might think so.  A few of us lingered… ordered more fries… then ordered drinks…. then ordered dessert…  I got home at 9pm!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband’s first words were,
“Lucy you got some ‘splaning to do!
 I thought you would at least be home by 7!

Awe, but Ricky, I had so much fun at the meet up! Thanks for putting the “kinder bear” to bed!
Well that’s all folks!
I can’t wait to meet you at the next meet up!