Happy Anniversary to Teacher to the Core!

I cannot believe it has been a year already!  I have learned so much about blogging over this last year, and I want to say thank you for being along for the ride and for loving me and my over use of the ellipsis ….
with no further ado…..
I.....have..... some...... goodies..... for..... you…..

Here is what I have in store for you in this blog-aversary post!
~Tutorial on adding clip art to your lettering!
~New Earth Day unit with 5 winners!
~Another pencil sharpener up for grabs!

Are you ready to Rock and Roll?
Here is how to add pictures or your digital scrapbook paper inside your Power Point lettering!!! I am loving everything from Michelle the 3AM Teacher. She is amazing!

1 Get a new slide in power point

2 Click the “Insert” tab

3 Choose “Word Art”


4 Select the style you want (1 or 2 work best)

5 Type your phrase, and adjust the fonts and size to your liking.


6 Choose “Format/Drawing Format” tab

7 Click “Text Fill”

8 In the drop down menu choose “Picture”


9 Power Point brings up your “my Pictures” file, you go to the spot where your keep your clip art or digital paper. Find the paper or clip art of your choice, choose it, and click insert/OK.



Polka dots can go wonky, so if need be, do this one letter at a time
This works for shapes as well.

1. Create a shape on the slide

2. Choose shape fill instead of text fill and proceeded to fill your shape with a picture.


I used the skill above to create bulletin board lettering for my new unit. 
Now, when you buy one of my units with Smart Art, I will be able to provide AmAziNG board lettering for you! This unit has 3 art projects and the most adorable Earth Day bulletin board titles. Are you ready to hug the Earth? Hop on over to TpT and check it out.

Easy Ecology Needs Art

Check out the sweet art from the unit!

The unit is another of my Common Core Informational Reading and More.  If you like Mammals, American Symbols, American Heroes, and Chinese New Year, then you’ll love this one. 

Here’s the goods on the new unit.

Easy Ecology

Little Book
Interactive Student Little Book- sample pages


4 Differentiated Fluency Passages:

Easy and harder text provided.
The easy text has shorter sentences and simplified vocabulary.

Ecology ( Master Fluency Text)



Recycle (shown)


Common Core and More

Easy Earth Addition and Corresponding Subtraction Facts.

120’s chart is provided for first graders who need to "count on".

Second graders will use their regrouping skills. 


Helping or Hurting Activity

Word Work pages (10, 12, and 20 words) Pencil, Pen, Marker


Earth Day Writing:

Drawing page, Smart Chart (shown) , Lines for Writing


10 question multiple choice and free response

Smart Art


Saving Water with writing prompt

Saving Electricity with writing prompt

Hug the Earth with writing prompt


Family, School, Community Connection Project:

Teacher directions and parent letter.


Classroom “bin” signs.
Certificate/ Award for community service

I had a great time taking a lofty topic like Ecology and making it 

accessible and FuN for first and second graders.

To celebrate my blog-aversary, I am giving away this unit and more!!!!

5 of you will win my new Easy Ecology unit!

In celebration,  I am also giving away another of the
Quietest Pencil Sharpener ! Win sharpener
Read about my love affair with this sharpener {here}

Good luck on all the giveaways and many thanks for the support, comments, and bloggy joy this last year! This has been a life changer for me, thank you for being with me on this delightfully wild ride! 

OK now that was way more than 5 photos, so we will go with 5 topics!