Five For Friday

Oh what a wonderful week I had! My son is in kinder and he had school all week. My husband and I did not! All three of us are at different schools and on slightly varied schedules that “kind of” line up with each other.  This week my hubby and I had an entire week without a chaperone! We had a blast!!!!! Here is what we did.

On Monday we hit Disneyland. We rode everything outside of Fantasyland. Let’s just say the Kinderbear does not like fast rides.

Tuesday Breakfast at Richie’s Diner! Oh my goodness are you kidding me! Yummy! We went to Target to look at bikes, and found ones we love. Then we came home, did  some blogging, and curriculum making.

Wednesday we saw OZ…. love! Then we went out to lunch, shopped for a while, and enjoyed grown up conversation. Not that we mind talking with the Kinderbear. We love it, but his range of topics is often limited to the DS, Wii, Curious George, Scooby Doo, Kindergarten, and other riveting themes. It was nice to branch out and use my big girl vocabulary.

Thursday, that’s right we went back again… we did not see it in 3D the first time.  We knew we had missed out, so we went back. Holy moly what a difference!


We also went to Target to buy the bikes we found on Tuesday. It was quite an adventure. We borrowed our neighbors truck to go buy the bikes at the Target close to our home. They have two of each bike. We called ahead of time. No problem! We get there, and ummmm where are the bikes ? Gone… I was stupefied!  But we borrowed our neighbors truck! You said you had two bikes! I want that yellow bike!  All thoughts I kept to myself.  My Mr. handled his disappointment well too.

Friday… going to school today to “track on”.  I am a year round teacher.  So what is it like to “track on”? I want you to imagine when you were first teaching.  You walked into your room. You had furniture, text books, and a dream.  That’s what I walk into 3 times a year.  I unpack boxes, search for stuff I stashed all over campus, and like the Wizard himself I create magic! I’ll post pictures tonight as an add on to this post.

Where’s the romance you ask? I can’t write about hanky panky! Our mother’s might be reading this blog! But I will say this… I love Spring Break!

My pals and I are cleaning out our wishlists and buying the things we need for spring!  So we got to talking and decided to throw a sale. It starts tomorrow! 15% off our stores!!!!!! Yippie!

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