Pencil Problem Solved!

Feeling the LoVe...

Does that image of sharp beautiful pencils make you feel giddy?

Do you remember this movie?

Tom Hanks’ character says… “I’ll send you a bouquet of

freshly sharpened pencils”.

Now that is MY kind of RoManCe!

Well that and a diamond or two along the way.

So this bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils is brought to you by….

The BeSt PeNciL ShArpEneR EVER!


Now listen. This is not empty promise….

This sharpener is QuIeT.

The pencils are ShArP.

The kids can’t over sharpen!!!!!!!!!!

I have this to say about my sweet pencil sharpener.

You is KiND.

You is SmArt.

You is ImPoRtanT.

Well actually, the pencil sharpener is kind on my ears, helps my students

get smart, and it is important to be able to sharpen pencils without

grinding – hideous – noise interruption.

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Easy Peasy!

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