What a day!

Today was my first day back and I am pooped.
How did your day go?
Seriously tell me.
I want to know that I am not the only teacher who
fell apart at about 1:00.
You were tired today too?
I hit a wall after lunch.
All the energy and joy I started the day with…. evaporated.
The good news was that recess was only 15 minutes away and
the math that ends my day was an easy lesson.
Because math was easy, I felt super competent and even
my LOWEST kids did not need me to “mother” them in the process.
This was the math.
A WHOLE lesson on tens blocks. ScOrE!
I’ll take it on an exhausting first day back.
We took pictures today.
As you can see the kids were not exhausted…
Taking these pictures is always a highlight for me as I start a new year.
I take a picture every month.
Here is January’s photo.
These are super cheap paper glasses sold at Party City.
You can get them for 50% now!
They came in a pack of 6, so I was able to take super quick pictures
during reading groups. Then, they got to wear the glasses for reading.
Since the glasses are paper I can staple them to our
New Year’s bulletin board. BoNus!
winner 1
OK, I have a hard time announcing a winner
because deep down in my heart I want ALL my readers to win.
The first comment is my first winner.
Christy and Tammy you won!

My second winner is Linda!
Congrats my dear. Will you please leave me your email address?
Well, I love you all, and I don’t want anyone to leave empty handed.
Here is a sweet little freebie.
I adapted it from an upper grade freebie found on Pinterest, but cannot locate the original pin.
If you know or have seen the pin, do tell.
question 1

question 2
I use it in class until the kids are proficient and then
send them home as homework once a week along with the
textbook story of the week.
Download now
So how did your first day (or days) back go?