Teach w/ me MLK

OK people. I have a confession to make.

 I cry every time I watch

Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech I Have a Dream.
Not little tears….
Big tears….
One of my little girls brought me tissue today…

I always tell them that this man helped make our

classroom beautiful and free.

I know first graders cannot fully grasp what I tell them about MLK,

but I hope I am somehow planting a seed of gratefulness

in their hearts. I hope every teacher that follows me waters

that seed. I hope that it grows and blossoms in their hearts.

I hope that someday they can grasp the awesomeness

of what MLK did for them, for us.

I want to thank his children….his wife… his friends… they all lost him.

We gained freedom, and the company at the

“Table of Brotherhood” is wonderful!

 Thank you MLK. Thank you for every little face of joy in my classroom.

I show parts of this You Tube video every year.

0:00-:59 seconds shows the march and the people singing

“We Shall Overcome” It’s beautiful, peaceful, and you see

Martin walking with people of all colors.

Then I leap to the “I have a dream” part which is  minutes 12:00-14:28

If you stop it here, the last thing your kids will hear is…

“ I have a dream that some day little black boys and black girls will

be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls

as sisters and brothers, I have a dream!”

Click the picture to go to you tube.

 MLK vido

This MLK You Tube video is a catchy little rap about MKL, Rosa Parks,

Segregation, and working together.

Click the picture to head on over to You Tube

MLK new

This amazing video is on You Tube

click the pic to view the 1 hour video about these kids going back in time

 to watch Martin Luther King Jr. grow up and change the world!



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