I am the mommy to a Kinder Bear

Jackson is a Kinder!

I don't know where the time went! My tiny baby

is going to kinder this year.

Supplies are purchased and we are getting ready.

I feel so nervous.



My singular thought is...

"Will his kinder teacher like him?"

Will she mind that his speaking voice could wake God from a dead sleep?

Will she expect more of him just because he is a teacher's kid?

Oh my gracious, the questions in my heart and the prayers I am praying right now. 

The truth is. . .

It's changing me as a teacher.

My upcoming back to school night is changing in my mind's eye.

  Those parents need to KNOW that

their child will be in a loving patient environment.

I usually get down to business minute 1

since I have a lot to tell them.

But the most important thing they need to know

in the first 3 minutes is

is how I will love and nurture their child.

Then the other 17 minutes can be what to expect in the

coming year!

Here is my little back to school letter. I hope they

can feel the love.

I want to Thank Cara Carroll for posting her letter. It's such a kind thing to post what you  have done so

 others can glean from your beautiful wording!

ABC Order

I love ABC Order. I think it is a great brain builder for multi-step thinking and problem solving.  I also love celebrating holidays and themes with my students! So why not combine them!?! I know! Good question right!?!


But is ABC Order a Common Core activity?

You bet!


College and Career Readiness L.6 

translated into kid friendly language
I can learn new words (general, academic, and domain specific). Knowing these words helps me with my reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This will help me get ready for college or my career. 

These activities meet the demands of the Common Core. Reasoning
and making sense is a major focus in the Common Core. ABC 
order requires students to read, reason, and sort the words 
according to their relative placement in or on the alphabet.
Vocabulary acquisition is a major standard, as is developing an
 awareness of and participating in systematic reasoning tasks. Not
only is ABC order a great reasoning task, but it is a very fun and
engaging to explore vocabulary!


My favorite part of using this it can be used as a center. 
NO pieces to print, laminate, or lose.
The paper is the center!

Here is the page ready to become a cute little bulletin board or be sent home to adoring mothers.

Teaching about specific holidays & themes is a snap because the ABC orders hit on the key vocabulary.

Happy New Year
Chinese New Year
Valentine's Day
President's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Easter / Spring
Earth Day
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day
Father's Day
4th of July
Grandparent's Day

Fire Safety
The Beach
Rain forest
Ice Cream
Colors & "Mouse Paint" Mini Lesson
Sea Life
Fairy Tale
Jack and the Beanstalk
Summer Olympics
Star Wars

Summer Lovin' and Lovin' Summer

I am in search of balance this summer. I want

it to be wildly fun, but I also want the laundry to get done.

I have time to tackle big work projects, but not at the

expense of my family time. So balance is the name of the game.


(family fun) (needed) and (work related fun)

My Mr. claims that I get too into my job (He teaches too)...

But I really really do have fun creating curriculum.

But my work fun can completely take over my life become a distration.

See, the need for balance.... 

Today's balance sheet:

Cleaning out Little Bear's room (needed)

Decluttering the house and making it shine (needed)

Day trip to the nearby water park with little bear (family fun)

Baking cookies with the boys (family fun)

Playing with Little Bear's new car wash made by

my father in law (super family fun)

Blogging with you (sweet fun)

Not bad, I'd say that is a balanced day.

OH, I did 3 loads of laundry. YAY (needed)

Ok, but secretly I really want to do this all day ...

Read a book called The Daily 5.

See what I mean about work taking over my life...

That would be engrossing work fun... shame 

Sure, if you teach, you probably read Daily 5

over 4 years ago and are so much cooler than me,

but I am out of the loop.

I am hearing that these chicks dont like "centers".

Finally . I mean shame on them.

I don't like centers either.

This was me in the year 2002.

I spend my life making centers for my 2nd graders.

The kids dont do them with rigor or intensity.

My hard work creating and laminating

gets chewed up, lost, or stolen.


I am so exhaused from creating centers that instead of

pulling my last reading group, I'd lay my head down and

just cringe realizing that a new month

and new theme are looming! New centers need to be made...

Centers = suffering

Suffering leads to the Dark Side

Fast forward to 2008 and I have stored my centers binder.

I assign 60 minutes of meaningful

thematic (fun) but still rigorous seatwork....


***silent weeping ***

It also means 60 minutes of inturruptions because

If there is rigor....

There will be questions, stalling, whining, giving up

and my all time favorite, hiding the work in inside the desk.

Seatwork = an hour of grading = suffering

So if the Daily 5 chicks are not doing centers . . .

What are they doing?

Have they come over to the darkside?

My current plan is this...

So, I am going to do 15 minute reading bursts 5 times a day.

 I am the reading specialist pulling them out of class.

I am going to pull groups when the rest of my class

is already occupied with the normal curriculum.

This actually gives me more time to do

science and social studies, which the kids are hungry for.

It also gives me more time for art and music!

In 15 minute bursts, no one is tortured by long spells

of required seated silence.

Can I hear a cheer from all my ADHD peeps out there?

I am pulling a reading group when my

students are doing their normal whole class. . .

1. "Book Look"

2. Posting on my Facebook Wall (I'll blog on that later)

3. Copying their math journal.

(By the time they are done copying,  I'm done with the group)

4. During Writer's Block

5. Final Book Look

That means nothing to grade

that I am not already grading.


But what do these Daily 5 chicks do???

I'm going to read the book! I'll report back.

I wonder if the book will change my current plan?

I'll keep you posted.