Busy & Happy

I can't believe I have only 5 weeks left.

I know some of you only have a

few weeks, but I am still in the thick of it, and on HM 9.1

Oh jeeze, Im a week behind AND still have open house coming.

I am not a fan of the story When I Am Old With You.

Do you love it?

Can you tell me why?

In phonics,  I have been using this little anchor chart from the

sweet teacher at life in first grade.

Ah, the talent of all the teachers out there. BIG HUGE shout out to Pinterest

for helping us to share and learn from each other! Love it!

I have to share my

 new favorite thing

A whiteboard hanging in the middle of a bulletin board!

 I bought a "smallish sized" whiteboard from Staples. $10

I think it is 2 feet by 3 feet. 

 I like to use the white board as a tiny teaching space/anchor chart. 

You can see that Oscar the Grouch is talking to the kids about contractions. 

How did I hang the white board in the middle of the bulletin board?

Is it magic?

Not really...

 Here is how I did it!

I used heavy duty packing tape or book tape to create a "tag" so to speak.

 The tape attaches to the back and the front of the board.

Then then overlap area "tag" is what I use to staple the whiteboard onto the bulletin board. 

 I put 1 tag on each end and 1 in the middle. Total 3 tags. 

It holds very well and does not harm the bulletin board. 

This tape and hang method is super handy.

Next to my door I wanted a small magnatized poster of our Class Bucket.

I purchased metal flashing ( thin metal sheets ) at Lowes,

 and I used the same tape and staple method to make a magnetic space.

I hung the poster on top of the flashing.

The magnetic colored balls are from Staples and represent

all the ways the kids fill our "bucket chart".

 Speaking of bucket chart....

You have read this book right?
If you have not get it immediatly. Seriously right now!

Leave my blog and go buy the book.

It talks about how all the good things we say and do for each other

fills up both of our buckets (hearts). These good things and the people who

do them are called "bucket fillers".

Bad things and mean people are called "bucket dippers".

This book is a JOY and the reason for our "bucket" by the door.

 The magneticcolored balls are all the good that is happening in our room.

The whole thing is Heaven!

When the kids do something nice or good, I say, "That really fills my bucket."

When we read a book about a bully, every time someone comments that

the bully is a "big-time bucket dipper".


Man oh man have I been busy.
I have so much stuff to upload for you guys!!!
I just don't know what to use... Scribed? Google Docs?
 There are so many choices.
But I need to decide and get on it because...
I want to
share with you!
Yes I do!
I wanna share with you!

I missed my calling as a cheerleader.

We have been hard at work using our Word Doctor.
Thank You Cara Carroll for the original idea!
I decided to get super cute and for the week on compound words,
I made him a dentist.
Yep. I dressed him in a Hawaiian shirt
I put floss in the pocket, toothbrush, and toothpaste in his hand


 Vwal-la Dentist!

 Here is the good doctor's schedule

Anchor Chart

 Now what you are looking at is the close up of what
was hanging on the bulletin board.
 I love boards that I can use for the whole month
As the month drags on goes on,
I staple the new but related activities right on top of the prior one.

Once I am done, I pull them down and make a book.
By I, I mean, my room moms.
I love them and I owe them everything!

 Here is one of my lovebug's books.

I ummmmm borrowed this mask from my doctors office without asking. 
I also thought for sanitary reasons he would not want it back.
So I'm not going to mention it to the doctor.
 I put a clean tissue inside for each student before each photograph
to keep down the germ factor.
Only 17 of my kids were absent with the flu 4 days later

(just kidding)

Compound Words

I typed up a whole bunch and let the kids cut them apart

and band aid them back together.

We all did the word surgery. It was just fitting for first grade.

 All in all, bought 3 boxes of cheap band aids

for my class of 26 kids.
I was only 3 band aids short.
I borrowed those from the nurses office. You guys wont tell will you?

More  fun coming your way! Stuff to scan

and load for you!