Double Digit Addition *deep breath*

Yes folks, it is that time of year again.

2 digit addition with and without regrouping.
But never fear the

Super Heroes are here!

 Click the picture go to TpT

I like my adopted curriculum, but there are always a few gaps
 I find that I need to review what a “digit” is and basic 

place value all over again before

 starting 2 digit addition.

That is exactly where this curriculum starts! 

What is a digit? It ends with students adding with and

 without regrouping on the same page. 

Your students will love the Super Hero theme.

 I know mine eat it up!

 “Lets do SuPeR HeRo math!”, I say. 

In unison, they cheer like it is time to slice the birthday cake!

This unit was designed to be BOY FRIENDLY. 

The addition of Super Heroes clip art to my existing lessons, 

has meant the boys are motivated.

Not surprisingly my girls are loving this too. 
Fun (check)
 Cute (check) 
Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Super Girl ! (check, check, check)
What's not to love?

Here's a glimpse from TPT

All pages come in two versions: full color and black and white.

 I like using the full color on the smarty pants board for instruction.

 The kids get the black and white at their desks.

Here is a break down of the lessons!

Lesson 1: Spider Man Place Value
What is a digit?
Color coding the ones and tens place in 2-digit numbers like 45
Answer Key Provided

Lesson 2: Spider Man Place Value in the context of an addition problem
Color Coding not solving is the emphasis today. Instruct Students to “See it, touch it, color code it”  in the addition problem. Then move on to the tens place. “See it, touch it, color code it” This is counter intuitive since they read left to right. Now we are telling them to go right to left! Yes, that is why there is a dedicated lesson to this skill alone.
Answer Key Provided

Lesson 3: Captain America Solving & Bonus Page: Super Girl Solving
2 digit without regrouping
Answer Key Provided

 Lesson 4: Thor & Bat Girl Introduction to Regrouping/Carrying
Only two problems on this page. They need their Super Brains for this skill

 Lesson 5: The Green Lantern Solving Addition with Regrouping
It’s the big time. Lets do this! The ones place is color coded for a great reminder to start in the ones place

 Lesson 6: Super Girl (Superman’s Little Sister)  Review Solving Addition with Regrouping
They can do it!

 Lesson 7: Wonder Woman Solving With and Without Regrouping on the same page & Bonus Page: Super Guy w/ and w/o regrouping! Now we are really flying!

Is it a bird?

 A plane?


 It is your student, soaring with Super Hero Success!
 They can add with AND without regrouping on the same page! 

Can I hear a cheer?


Perfect for grades 1 and 2.

 But a stuggling 3rd grader would benefit

from a Hero in his/her life too!

***** Bonus Alert ****

I have added Art!

I have also added a bonus unit to transition the math art

 into Father's Day and Mother's Day cards. 

So now you get super hero addition, art, and

 Mother's day and Father's Day in one unit!!!!

 No way ? 

Yes Way!

Rain INSIDE the classroom? Yep

Today my teaching buddy and I were magical, and we made it rain
INSIDE the classroom!

It was beyond fun and a real joy to hear the students debating
if we could really do it. One child thought we were going to light a
fire and make the sprinklers turn on.

Now that is taking teaching to a new level, but for those of you who
know me I do threaten to light my hair on fire if I feel that situation calls for it.

Let me tell you, it gets people's attention. 

"If we don't get some lamination in the workroom soon, I'm going to
light my hair on fire!"

"Justin, if we don't go on a real grown up date soon, I'm going to light
my hair on fire."

"If construction on my house is not done by the end of the week...."

All of these things ended with me NOT lighting my hair on fire and I got
the happy endings I was hoping for.

Though now there is NO LAMINATION at my school admin
wont buy it for us anymore... yep... true... even matches are no threat.

Anyway, back to the rain.... before making it rain we sang the Water Cycle Boogie. Here is the you tube link. They LOVE it!

This is us doing the dance and singing. That is my teaching buddy. She makes me laugh daily..

So it was time. We were going to make it rain inside. After one first
grader burst into tears, we assured them no one would get wet. A collective sigh....

We filled a "lake" (pot) with water. Plugged in the "sun" to warm it.
Look kids! It's evaporation!

Then we placed a cloud of water vapor and ice crystals on top of the evaporation.

One minute later....... lift the cloud and ......... RAIN! One second after I shot
this picture we were treated to a 4 second rain shower. AGAIN they screamed.

Of course we did it again, actually like 4 times!

Poor Teacher Friend... her hands might have gotten burned by all that
evaporation! If you do this, you might want to remember hot mitts...
We/me forgot.We also forgot the plug at home and had to drive
home at recess to get it, but that is a story for another post....

Sniff Sniff Sob

Tomorrow I return to track time...I will

 miss you. You will be in my heart, and I will

count the days until we can be together again...60

school days and counting down....

Parting is such sweet sorrow.