Thinking about school

Are you anything like me?

Does your mind wander back to work while on vacation?

Do you poop out parties?

Oh wait! Wrong “Lucy” episode…

My mind wanders back to work. . . . .

I took pictures before I left, and this is a great time to

show you how far we have come in our study of woodland

mammals. When we get back, we will talk about hibernation.

So far we have learned what a mammal is…..

{All of the fluency pages are provided at 2 levels for differentiation}
Thumbnail 2Thumbnail 3

And we have learned about specific mammals that live in the woods.

Skunks fluency and art with warning booklets.


Building Beavers Fluency, Art, and Teamwork:
Teams worked on building complex sentences from 2
simple sentences.


For raccoons, we did the "raccoon and

nocturnal animals fluency passages.

Then, we wrote our favorite facts on the raccoons’ tummies.


“Raccoons hunt at nite
It’s cute, but it’s not cute… nite…

Can you see the cute moon and book in the picture?

That is Monday’s phonics lesson!

The two sounds of /oo/.

1. We will sort the “oo” words onto either the “book” or the “moon”.

2. Then each student will do this page on their own.

If you want to download the /oo/ activity

and/or make your own charts


When we return we will learn more about

Opossums: fluency, art, and deciding what is “True and False”,

Hibernation fluency and science experiment


  Porcupines fluency, art, and place value!

Plus, I will have 5 grades in my grade book for science using the

tests from this unit! Oh, I love a good assessment!

5 good assessments is, well, delicious!

Woo-Hoo the grade book is getting full !!!

Now, I am not in a hurry to get back to work,

but it sure is nice to have something fun to look forward to!

If you need something fun to teach when you get back…
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