This is my first currently.... 
A "Currently" virgin....
{I Now have Madonna's song "Like a Virgin" running through my head}
**Double Blush**
I don't quite understand how I am supposed to do this, {I get the linking up part} But the rule of 3... comment on the one before you, and then the one after, and then call your mother, and then comment on #3. Whaaaat?
If you know what I am supposed to do, please comment and boss me around. I will do what you tell me to do. Just say it slowly and in first grade speak. I should get it.
Well, here it is.......... My first {11:00 pm} currently!

                                                                         Teacher to the Core
Super Secret Gossip
I'm going to be a {.com } soon!
I know! It's exciting!
But don't tell anybody OK?

Head on back to Farley, and link up your currently!