Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This is my Week 1 go-to curriculum in First Grade.


Hold the Phone!

Screeching tires!!!!!!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in first grade????

Teacher to the Core has gone off her rocker?!?

Yes this book is used and loved by all kinder teachers, but vowels 

are hard for first graders to identify. 

Kinders end their year delving into medial vowels and so I start my 

year with a little warm up on identifying vowels. 

I use this unit!

It is designed to suit the needs of kinder and first grade teachers.

Pages are differentiated for varied skill level.

The vowel search pages help the kids see / search for

the vowels, just like they need to in real reading.

Kids highlight the vowels (shown below) and the picture appears.

 Kinder pages have less letters.

I don't want them to be overwhelmed.
This is the same page, but designed for first grade.

Then, they take those skills to searching for

vowels in real words. They highlight the vowel.

I also added pages where kids can fill in the medial vowel.

The practice pages are fun and engaging.

I like to see my students smile for sure.

Plus the "Smart Art" is toooo cute.

I developed the art project my first year in first grade.

Wow that was 4 years ago.  I was panicked

to come to first grade, but it is a dreamy-dream

spending the day with these students!

Now, I have added these fun little pages

to the Smart Art in order to meet the

Common Core Reading Foundational Skills Standard

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