Big Books & Spiders

Over the next week, I will be uploading 1 freebie
 a day for the 1st grade HM series Big Books.
Today's freebie is for Minerva Louise.
I love this silly chicken.
She is just a first grader's speed and I like
her cheerful outlook. 
If you don't use the HM series, this little gem of a
book is probably in your school library.
Teaching nouns with this book is a delight,
as is building the comprehension skills of
recall and clarifying.
You see, the chicken wanders
 into a school and thinks she is on a new kind of
farm. The opportunities to clarify are plentiful.
Is this a barn???
No, it is a classroom
Is this the farmer hanging his laundry?
Ummm no, silly chicken, that is the custodian
hanging the flag on the flagpole!
Is that a nest and an egg?
Wrong again, little hen... It is a baseball and mitt.
After we giggle at the silly chicken,  we practice  
our recall skills using this little baby.

On the reread day we use this mind map
to practice our clarifying skills.

Both are displayed here on my wall in the hall.

download the freebie
This is a perfect book for point of view.
The spider is trying to convince the family he is a
perfect pet. The spider does all the things that
freak us humans out, but he is really trying to
 show us what a great dancer he is, by running
across the floor, or how clean he is by hanging out
in the bathtub.
There's a sp- sp- spider in the bathtub!
Too cute!
 I hit blends hard in October. I love to start with
I use spiders of course!
We make these little babies.
It is 1 large circle (body) and 1 medium circle (head)
8 Strips for the legs
Red heart to give the look of a black widow.
Now when I only had 20 kids, I would give them
each 8 google eyes.
I was also a fully paid teacher back then, so I was rich.
But due to furloughs and sheer numbers (29 kids),
I opted to just have them draw 8 eyes.
Of course, they then covered their spider with sp
words written in white crayon!
They are darling dangling from my ceiling!
When/ if you grab the freebie, let me know what you
think as it flies out of your printer, or how it
worked with your students!