Bat-tas-tic Freebie

Don't you love the fall?

I think this is a magical time of year.

It is fun to discuss spiders {earlier post} bats,

and all things just a little bit spooky...

Here is a little freebie for you

my dear friends.

The little gem will help your kids explore verbs!

I start with a non-fiction book on bats.
As we read, we make a list of Batty Verbs.

Each child writes 1 verb on each bat wing.
They cut out the bats and take 1 home to mom.
One goes on the bulletin board (thumbnail 1)
or on the second art project (thumbnail 2) shown. 
Your choice.

On the back of the second art project,
I have students write verbs with their white crayon.
Page 1 bats
Page 2 moons
Page 3 clouds

These are ready to be photocopied onto construction paper.
 No tracing templates.

Download { here } from TpT
Super smart
Super fun
Super teacher...
Yes you are.