New School Year & A Contest

What a blast and bummer a new school year is.
I am always 50/50 on loving the new kids, but
a little bummed to realize how much they
don't remember from kindergarten.
I am not saying their kinder teacher didn't teach it!
Seriously, they are not down there in kinder
sipping starbucks nor are they hanging out in the
teachers lounge giggling about how easy their job is.

No way. And I know it. 
But my new first grade friends have gaps.
BIG ones. 
I have the thrilling and taxing job of helping 
20 kids out of 29

Yes, you read that correctly...

20 out of 29 come up to grade level!

Never fear! 
Keep calm and teach on!
Never tire of doing good!
Sweet Jesus give me strength!
You know what else gives me strength ?

Fun curriculum.

Well I have been
 using Babbling Abby's Fun with Firsties!

I am LOVING  Pete the Cat. 

Labeling is super fun and makes my students feel
so accomplished!

We wore our favorite shoes to school
and took a photo with them.
Then we wrote descriptive sentences.

This little guy is sunshine & energy.  Super smart too.
His Mom said I could post his pictures! Thanks MOM!

In math we did equations and tally marks!

I am gearing up for apples and our
Nouns Tree displays our "Smart Art".

I love art but I have to put some learning on it.

So I call it "Smart Art".

Along with the cute art we did this learning page....

Do you love it?
Head on over to TpT to grab it and 3 other
 Fall Noun Craftivities & learning pages. Only $4

I am currently obessed with chevron print.
 I love the zig zag and it looks darling with my
long term favorite Polka Dots.
A colleague of mine and I decided that
polka dots are the best
because they are cheerful and welcoming.  
Her dogs name is polka dot.
She took it to the next level...

 We all work on printing at the beginning of the year. 
How do you motivate good printing?
Try this. Fold the paper in half and only assign the first half. 
 If they rock that side they dont have to do the REST!
This is really nice for the kids
who print neatly too.
Half the work!

You also need a rocking printing unit. How about one with a Star
Wars theme???

Want it for free? 
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Here are two sample pages

ranging from the first page to one of the last.

Find this on TpT for $8 for all letters A-Z and diagraphs