I am the mommy to a Kinder Bear

Jackson is a Kinder!

I don't know where the time went! My tiny baby

is going to kinder this year.

Supplies are purchased and we are getting ready.

I feel so nervous.



My singular thought is...

"Will his kinder teacher like him?"

Will she mind that his speaking voice could wake God from a dead sleep?

Will she expect more of him just because he is a teacher's kid?

Oh my gracious, the questions in my heart and the prayers I am praying right now. 

The truth is. . .

It's changing me as a teacher.

My upcoming back to school night is changing in my mind's eye.

  Those parents need to KNOW that

their child will be in a loving patient environment.

I usually get down to business minute 1

since I have a lot to tell them.

But the most important thing they need to know

in the first 3 minutes is

is how I will love and nurture their child.

Then the other 17 minutes can be what to expect in the

coming year!

Here is my little back to school letter. I hope they

can feel the love.

I want to Thank Cara Carroll for posting her letter. It's such a kind thing to post what you  have done so

 others can glean from your beautiful wording!