Character Matters!

We just finished our class play and Oh My Sweet Lord, thank you for such a great class! I teamed up with the great Angela Genet and our first and third grade classes knocked it out of the park. If you have never heard of Bad Wolf Press, let me be the one to introduce you...

These plays are easy to produce and have darling music that your will sing in your car and hum when you are grading papers. This particular play is fuh-uh-ny. If you teach first like I do, I would suggest teaming up with a 3rd grade class. The lead parts are too meaty for firsties.

Now this play started with all students wearing jeans, white t-shirts, and signs around their necks telling you what part they play. Over the years it has grown. Lets just say that Angela and I are nuts and theater rats. 

We might also be perfectionist dreamers. 

The combination has driven us to make costumes and glue jewels onto anything that doesn't move! So I broke out the sewing machine, and put on my shopping shoes. Between the two of us, everybody got fancy this year.

The Frog Prince

All three pigs got an update, but this guy is my favorite.

The Magic Mirrors got blinged cowboy hats.


Little Red Riding Hood and Friends got new capes and bows.

Cinderella got a darling patchwork dress.

Cinderellas Mice got ears . Disney Mickey Mouse ears !!!

My favorite costume was Humpty Dumpty
This little guy was a show stopper!

Next year we are investing in screen printing the T-shirts
for the Wolf, Sub Wolf, Three Bears,and The 3 Princesses are getting T-shirts with big hearts painted on them and the color coordinating tutus. Additionally, we are going to buy microphones, amps, and mic. stands.We are going to be BIG TIME.

Adventures in Theater with First Graders!

OK, so here is a little story from this year's show. I am going to tell the adventure through what I would imagine to be the first grade boys' conversation. I did not hear the conversation because I was seated by the parents directing the show with Angela.

3 boys jump up and go to the bathrooms during the show. They come back cuh-ranked to high heaven. As they make their way back to their spots, one grabs the gigantic wooden backdrop and begins to rock it back and forth. I think this is how the conversation went....

KID 1: Look guys I can move this big wooden thing!
I am soooooo strong!

//// backdrop rocking/////

KID 2: No I'm way stronger

////// backdrop really rocking ///////

Kid 3: If we all rock it we can almost tip it over!

///////backdrop is really moving now//////

KID 2: Hey what is Mrs. Knight doing on stage?
We are in the middle of our dress rehearsal performance for
kindergarten! Doesn't she know that?

///// backdrop still rocking/////

KID1: Dude she looks scared! What's her deal?

KID 2: She's upset too and moving really fast!
She is looking at us!

backdrop stops moving

Kid 3: Dude....

Yes, my friends, this is life with first grade.
 I would not trade it for anything!