Rain INSIDE the classroom? Yep

Today my teaching buddy and I were magical, and we made it rain
INSIDE the classroom!

It was beyond fun and a real joy to hear the students debating
if we could really do it. One child thought we were going to light a
fire and make the sprinklers turn on.

Now that is taking teaching to a new level, but for those of you who
know me I do threaten to light my hair on fire if I feel that situation calls for it.

Let me tell you, it gets people's attention. 

"If we don't get some lamination in the workroom soon, I'm going to
light my hair on fire!"

"Justin, if we don't go on a real grown up date soon, I'm going to light
my hair on fire."

"If construction on my house is not done by the end of the week...."

All of these things ended with me NOT lighting my hair on fire and I got
the happy endings I was hoping for.

Though now there is NO LAMINATION at my school admin
wont buy it for us anymore... yep... true... even matches are no threat.

Anyway, back to the rain.... before making it rain we sang the Water Cycle Boogie. Here is the you tube link. They LOVE it!

This is us doing the dance and singing. That is my teaching buddy. She makes me laugh daily..

So it was time. We were going to make it rain inside. After one first
grader burst into tears, we assured them no one would get wet. A collective sigh....

We filled a "lake" (pot) with water. Plugged in the "sun" to warm it.
Look kids! It's evaporation!

Then we placed a cloud of water vapor and ice crystals on top of the evaporation.

One minute later....... lift the cloud and ......... RAIN! One second after I shot
this picture we were treated to a 4 second rain shower. AGAIN they screamed.

Of course we did it again, actually like 4 times!

Poor Teacher Friend... her hands might have gotten burned by all that
evaporation! If you do this, you might want to remember hot mitts...
We/me forgot.We also forgot the plug at home and had to drive
home at recess to get it, but that is a story for another post....