Brown Bear Adjectives Book

Do you love the book ? Me too! I'm celebrating the 45th anniversary is this student book with a freebie! Well 3 freebies actually! I did one for each grade level K-2.

 First Grade 

Second Grade 

I really hope that you enjoy teaching adjectives using these books!

Each page gives students the power of choice ! After we write and illustrate our book, we use our dark yellow crayon (dandelion) to go back and highlight the adjectives. Funny enough, I think that the kids know what an adjective is by the end of writing the book. But I could not be more wrong! By going back and highlighting, I can see a few "freeze". They don't know... They have been pretending to know!

By the way, 


They didn't all get it to 100% accuracy!?!

Call the Common Core Cops!

There are always 5 kids who don't "get it".

Usually it is the same five.


Highlighting is my go to teaching trick. In this case, because we do the highlighting after their whole book is written, I am able to catch the kids who "tuned in"a little late in the program. I can see them freeze before highlighting because they were not really listening. Shame on them!  It happens. I sort of imagine their thought bubble to look like this......

What has 'teacher' been talking about for the last 15 minutes? I like her shirt. She has pretty hair. But adjective? ? ? What is an AdJecTive?"

It is in that moment of pause, crayon suspended in mid air, I can catch them & meaningfully reteach. I pull them back and we discuss each other's pages.  They can see the adjectives in another person's work so much easier than their own. Kids are such funny creatures! Their own writing mystifies them, but the writing of another child is clear as day.