Biographies and President's Day in First and Second Grade

Free Little book from Teacher to the Core

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book series or the free little book in this post! These books tackle hard subjects in ways kids can grasp.

Ordinary People Change the World Biography Series for kids is the best on the market

Historical Themes:

This series tackles the hard to understand themes in history such as separatism, bravery in the face of an unkind world,  being different, seeing your passions come to life, and doing the impossible. 
Every single book in this growing series is amazing. I know this because I own ALL of them!

The Helen Keller book took my breath away. One of the pages is almost completely black. This alone shocks kids. The author tells the kids to close their eyes and ears. This helps the kids understand what a blind and deaf person might experience. They can empathize with how Helen might have felt. When a book series can transport children directly into the lives of historical figures, you KNOW you have found a teaching jackpot!

Ordinary People Change the World Biography Series -Helen Keller

If you are getting ready for Black History Month in February then you will want the Rosa Parks book for sure!

Ordinary People Change the World Biography Series for kids-Rosa Parks
Is that powerful or what!?! Until these books, my students could not understand how and why the bus boycott really worked.  But the simplicity of the word choice is beyond brilliant!

The illustrations are second to none. I love how the historical figure is drawn to be child-sized in the big world.  If you look, Rosa is tiny compared to the bus owner. This helps the children really see themselves in the shoes of the historical figure! Plus, the whole book is written in the first person!

The books are also written with a tremendous amount of “heart”. I think every child in the room can see how Abe feels about the boat of people being “sold down the river to new slave owners”.
Ordinary People Change the World Biography Series for kids-Abraham Lincoln
I love these two books for use around Presidents Day!!!

These books by Brad Meltzer are a treasure!

This is a cool video to show if you are wanting to talk about author's purpose since he tells us in the 30 second video why he wrote the books.

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 freebie shown above and below.

After downloading you might want to read 
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