Math Game Freebie

Can you imagine a 7 hour staff meeting with only a few breaks? We would DIE. Our students feel the same way- enter FREE "math in motion" games! 

Our students probably feel the EXACT same way.  I teamed up with my friend Joyce at Sit Spots and we came up with some fun games to play during centers!

I explained how we play “Counting On Hopscotch” here in a you tube video!!!
Hopscotch counting on freebie
I am excited to offer you a hundred and 120 chart to help your students with their counting on endeavors!
Hopscotch counting on freebie game
This is seriously fun!  You do need to teach the kids to whisper if you don’t have a high tolerance for noise and happy kid sounds such as giggling or high fives. To me it’s worth it.
Counting On free math game and hundreds chart
Download now new
Enjoy my sweet friends!