Professional Development

Welcome ! I'm glad you have landed on this page.  These are my current workshops/ professional development offerings with upcoming dates where we can see each other! These workshops are designed to meet the needs of teachers just like you.  I can't wait to meet you!

I specialize in:
  • all things literacy
  • student engagement - I call it "wiggle work"
  • the perfect paragraph made easy and FUN
  • fitting in Social Studies and Science through fluency,  comprehension games, and art
  • close reading with any picture book
  • building number sense through whole group convos
  • empowering teachers to manage student "mischief"
  • becoming a happy and organized teacher. 
My philosophy is that 
this new generation
of little techie learners:
  • by including engagement strategies 
  • teaching comprehension through games
  • getting the kids working together as teams
  • and by adding a little "spark and fizz" to lessons -Why not make skittles into a manipulative and mark our periods as we write? 
My presentations are known for being: 
  • fast-paced and fun
  • full of laughter
  • research-based  
  • just as fun and engaging as my classroom
  • filled with easy to implement ideas 
How are my presentations different that other speakers? 
  • I gift you the materials you need, so you can get started the day you return to school
  • My presentations spark joy and laughter because I share the ridiculous stories that could only happen to a 1st grade teacher
  • My ideas are exciting and really work 
  • We deal with content that matters in today's classrooms
  • All of it is time-tested since 2000 and straight out of 1st grade

Let's spend some time together and get excited and prepared for the best school year ever.

This session sells out every time! That is proof enough that teachers need real-world and easy to implement classroom management strategies. Come laugh and learn as Katie Knight breaks it down and gives solutions for creating a happy, self-managing, and emotionally safe classroom. 

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Come and see how easy it is to get 1st graders working in teams and building oral language skills at their table groups.  Your students will invest themselves at a whole new level and their achievement will skyrocket as they learn together. Sound noisy?  It's not silent, but frat party behaviors are never allowed.  Katie will share it all, and she will gift you with the rules, routines, activities, and strategies that will guarantee success!  This is a fun and fast-paced session that will leave you energized and prepared.

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The guided reading table is not the only place to build strong readers. Katie will explain her daily 7 minute whole-group strategies to build passionate readers with strong comprehension skills! You will be gifted the games your students will LOVE and with the materials needed to start easy and effective whole-group fluency practice. 

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Come to this fast-paced and fun session all about how to get kids excited to write narrative, informational, and opinion paragraphs. You will be gifted materials that will make paragraph writing and SELF-editing easier. You read that right.  Katie is going to share her 1st grade self-editing strategies too!  Your students are going to be the luckiest and happiest little writers on your campus! Come and see how! 

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Wiggle work, student engagement, and kids in collaboration  —what does it look like in first grade? Come see! In this fast-paced and energizing session, Katie gets you up and doing fun collaborative activities that'll get your kids working and learning together. Future lesson planning will be easy with the reference guide Katie will gift you! You will leave this session energized and  immediately ready to implement all the new ideas we explored together!
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Turn any picture book into a close reading opportunity! Katie explains it all and will gift you a lesson planning resource that will help you easily incorporate close reading questions into any read-aloud, guided reading session, and language arts. See classroom videos that show you exactly how to do it so you are ready once you get back in your own classroom. Take away tips, resources, and enthusiasm to ensure you are ready to implement close reading questions on day 1.

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Get off to a strong start with Katie's out-of-the box ideas and simple tweaks. They'll keep you happy and organized all year long! Make lesson planning easy, classroom organization a breeze, and teaching feel joyful all year. Katie shows you how it's all about starting off on the right foot!
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These super-quick and easy whole-group number conversations are guaranteed to build number sense! The best part is that the kids are doing the work. They talk. You write. The struggling mathematicians in your class get to learn from their peers sharing how they see math problems! Katie will share all of her best tips, and she will be gifting you the materials that you need to confidently get started right away. Don't miss out! Katie's sessions are fast-paced, engaging, and leave you with a full toolkit for easy implementation. 
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