The Ultimate Self Care Teacher Bag - White Elm

I am sick of self-care being a trite and empty phrase.  I am taking self-care to a whole new level and this Gemini Mini bag is helping me.

Taking good care of myself while teaching means I have the tools, foods, and pampering items I need to get through the day. 

The bag is gorgeous, but it was the pockets for me. I literally have everything I need organized at my fingertips. Plus, White Elm chose bright and cheerful interior colors that help you find your items. I find black interiors challenging and depressing. This bag's interior is bright and cheerful.

My fully packed bag has:

  • 2 picture books and my laptop (headed to staff meeting) in the padded sleeve
  • Hairbrush
  • Tampons in a cute pencil privacy case since there is always a line at the ladies room
  • A keto snack bar
  • Baggie of nuts
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Hand sanitizer lotion spray
  • 3 masks
  • My son's inhaler 
  • Disney Mickey Hand sanitizer to pass around at lunch with my team 
  • Sunglasses
  • My Giant All About the Benjamins wallet from 31 in the front pocket
  • Lipgloss stored in the pen holder slot
  • 32 ounce Water Bottle
  • 20 ounce coffee thermos 
  • Keys on the dedicated key-fob ring 

This front pocket runs the length of the backpack and I love it! Its great for sunglasses, or in my case, my giant wallet because I want my money, receipts and cards organized too.

The side pockets are soooooo incredible! I am able to carry TWO of my 32 ounce drink bottles !!!! I mean AMEN.... I need to hydrate and "caffeinate". This bag allows that EASILY. 

The interior's large, padded sleeve must be discussed! I mentioned earlier that I had a laptop in here.  This is ONLY because I am going to a staff meeting.  Otherwise I would not carry it home.  But what I do carry back and forth are my cherished picture books. The padded sleeve keeps them safe and separated.  I can also slip some grading in that large sleeve.  I bring grading home 1 time a week. 

There are 3 ways to carry this amazing bag:

  1. Over the arm
  2. Crossbody 
  3. As a backpack (my personal favorite since I have books in there)
The Gemini Bag comes in 2 sizes and 10 glorious colors to love. I have the mini, but I am MAXIMUM in love with it. The full-sized Gemini has more pockets and can carry up to 17 inch laptops! WOW!

Want to see me pack my bag? Head to my instagram reels and see this bag in action. Find me @teachertothecore_katie_knight. 

My last pro-tip is to utilize the key-fob ring. I attach my keys with a retractable lanyard! I can leave my keys secured and pull on the retractable string to unlock my house door or classroom door and let the keys snap back inside.  I will never have to dig for my keys again!

And there you have it! I'm off for another teaching adventure with my White Elm Gemini Mini!