Helping students keep track of their pencils-Freebie

I am not promising you that you will never have another lost pencil. But, these 2 simple solutions will help your students keep track of 99.9% of their pencils.

No more lost pencils

I don’t know about you, but kids not having the supplies they need to do their work drives me CRAZY! Crazy, I tell you.  The problem is that I GIVE them everything they need. EVERYTHING!

Typical pencil scenario: 

They lose it, eat it, leave it on the floor, OR claim, “It’s not mine!” Sometimes they let their neighbor take it because the owner does not know the pencil actually DOES belong to them. So one kid has 6 pencils and another has none.

Enter Vodka and these 2 simple solutions!

Solution 1: Who's is it? Label them!

 I flag my pencils with masking tape and I write the child’s name on the flag in sharpie.  

Solution  2: Reward The Responsible Kids

You know shouting out great behavior is my favorite thing to do. I hate nagging the kids. I'd rather brag about the kid who was responsible and secretly motivate the child who is not. Call me crazy! But it works! Plus,  the parents love the positive feedback! 

Do pencils drive you insane?
How about the teacher across the hall?
Is she spending recess pulling her hair out too!?!
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