Surfing Along and Scooping Freebies As You Go

I hope you are having fun " Hangin' 10" with the So Cal girls and scooping up some great freebies along the way.
For some of us in So. Cal school started a month ago. But while my friends were doing their first month of school, I was off track {meaning 1 month off in July, 1 month off in November and 1 month off in March}. I work all the other months of the year. Yep no Spring break or loooooong summer for me. But that's OK I like working 12 weeks, then having 4 off! Anyway I have been loving the beach all summer, until my attic flooded, but that's another story!
Life is a beach... until the attic floods!
Now my house is filled with construction workers, and school it is about to start this week! However, I am approaching life in a ZEN way, and I am trying to enjoy my last few days before I meet my new class of first graders.
Today,  I'm going to talk with you about first day pictures and give you a photo prop freebie! Are you ready?

The first day of school is so important. It sets the tone for the year, and it's when parents decide if they can trust you to care for their babies! That's why I do my best to make a fun first impression! I leave lots of signs outside my door for the kids to pose with. It sets the stage for the parents that before I even meet their child, I have already prepared something fun and engaging to do while they wait to meet me!


You can download these "easy print"  signs Here
if you want to do something similar!
Download now new
I get a few printed on foam board at Staples for about $10 per board.
It saves your ink and the quality is unbelievable!Freebie to use for your back to school pictures
I go out well before the bell rings and shake hands, answer questions, and of course take pictures. I think this first impression is the super important. Being out there early shows I care. It shows I am approachable. It shows that I "get it". Not everyone knows where to pick up their child, how they buy lunch, etc... Plus, lets be honest, they just want a cute Facebook and Instagram picture on the first day of school.
This is going to be a great year! I can feel it! I hope you enjoy the freebie and have your best year yet!

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