Parent Appreciation

OK, we are getting down to the wire and this is exciting stuff. It’s time to start making lists and checking them twice. (Like I am Santa about to get a tan!) Upcoming stuff to do: Father’s Day, Parent Appreciation, End of the Year awards, Packing up… so much!!! It’s super hard to do all this madness and write thank you cards on the last day of school! So I bring you the world’s easiest thank you cards!!!! Easy Parent Appreciation gifts and Thank you cards that you can hand out on the last day of school

You read that correctly. You print up the cards at home or staples and then as you open presents, you jot down the child’s name at the top, the gift in the center, and little personal note about how much you love the child! I mean it is just too easy, takes less than 20 seconds.  These last few minutes on the last day of school are killer, so it needs to be fast, but still heart felt. The parents want to know you got the gift and that you love it.  These cards are EASY!

Easy Parent Appreciation gifts You know what else is easy? Parent appreciation hand soaps! My room moms have just been amazing!!! I mean REALLY. The endless photocopies, art preparation, and sight word work was a gift to me and I can hardly repay it! Hand soap is not enough…. it never is, but the love and friendships we have developed are what will last when this soap is gone. Just print, hole punch, and tie!

Easy Parent Appreciation gifts for the parents who make a difference in your classroom

I made a littler mini sanitizer version just in case you had 22 helpers.  One year I had 13 room moms. 13. No joke! I also think these are nice to hand out to the office girls on the last week of school. Just a little “I love you and owe you for letting me borrow keys since I locked mine in the classroom” {This never always happens to me.}

So, just click that little button and download for free! Enjoy!

Download now newDear parents, {both past and present} if you know about my little blog and are reading it, thanks for everything. You all bless me beyond belief! I love you ladies!