Carpet Crisis SOLVED

I have a love affair with my rainbow carpet.  It is so bright and cheerful with 20 little squares to sit upon.
Sit Spots & Teacher to the Core
20 spots for 29 kids! I declare this a CARPET CRISIS.  I have been trying to work it out and came up with this at the beginning of the school year. Sit Spots & Teacher to the Core carpet crisis addressed This only works until I get 3 more students or my custodian goes searching for the missing rugs I “borrowed”. I am sick of this rainbow rug crisis and the pee-pee stains on it.
Good bye old friend, hello Sit Spots Since I have declared my rainbow rug dead, I am now a rainbow rug widow. I am single and ready to mingle with these sexy little dots!
Better than a rug and less expensive too! 
The moment I saw them I started grabbing them off the table at the SCKC exhibition center. 
This little Velcro Romeo was suh-weeping me off my feet! This would solve my rug crisis, collaboration groups, and so much more!
Once the frenzy was over and I had a mix of 75 dots, squares, stars, and triangles an angel emerged from the sidelines. It was Joyce the sweet owner of Sit Spots. She is amazing and truly cares about the classroom learning environment, kids, and teachers! She tried to give me all 75 of the Sit Spots for free, but I don’t do the “take this for free thing well”. I had to buy all of them except for the class set she insisted upon!  She wants to give you a set too, so read on. They are so reasonably priced that it was a JOY to get such a great resource for kid collaboration! Plus, there is no need to pull them up after each collaboration! They can be vacuumed right over and they won’t come off! They are also machine washable!!!You can vacuum right over these sit spots
It took me 5 minutes to place them on the floor using a book as a guide.  I did not take out my tape measure or laser level. I do love my laser level, but it was out of batteries! I eye-balled it instead of using my laser level and really it was perfect.
Easy to place and press- sit spots rock
Here is a set of lovebugs to show you the carpet in action! I used the stars for my collaboration groups and circles for the rug.
Smart resource for smart teachers 
In addition to the stars, I also placed squares and triangles around the room. When I call out “SHAPE UP!” the kids go stand on any shape (except circles) to create pairs. This is great for buddy reading and collaborative thinking  since it keeps the groups spaced out. 
I cannot wait to think of more ways to use these spots! I know I am going to get more ideas from my fellow Caligals! I can’t wait to start hoping through!
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