Freebie for Best Ever Christmastime behavior

Are your students acting crazy?  So it’s not just mine? Oh good!  Not that I hope your students are bad. I just don’t want to be alone. It’s scary to be alone!
Well, I am not going to lose my voice or my patience this time of year and this “elf-tastic” freebie will help. I did something VERY similar at Halloween and the kids went nuts for it.
Classroom rewards freebie
This is the Eye Like What I See {Elf Edition}
Behavior Management Freebie
This time students are either giving Santa a reason to celebrate or be sad.
Well are they naughty or nice with their Christmas behavior If you are rude (talking while I am talking) or off task you have to go up and mark under Sad Santa. Or if you are delight, it’s a Santa Celebration mark! Notice the intro to place value….  Place value is coming!!!!  I included both Naughty/Nice and Santa Celebration/Sad Santa so that you had options. 
Freebie for behavior management around ChristmasEntire table groups that behave get the “Eyes”. This means they line up first, get papers first, and get dismissed first.  If you end your day with the eyes you get a shout out note to take home.
Only two more days of great behavior and they earn a party (which is planned anyway- shhhh don’t tell the kids).  I hope this little freebie helps you manage the mischief in your classroom.
 Behavior Management Freebie
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In other news Santa is helping us learn about contractions!  My students are killing it!
 Cute Santa features Contractions       IMG_6344
Santa Contractions
Santa has been very busy…… I am loving how my room looks! I know a pretty classroom does not always equal rigorous teaching in all cases.  But in my room it does and I love being surrounded the examples of their rigorous learning. I actually teach off of my bulletin boards half of the time. Why not?  We have done daily contraction practice using our write on wipe off anchor chart.
Teacher to the Core contractions write on wipe off Anchor Chart for daily practice IMG_6344
Teacher to the Core Contractions   Contractions in context
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These sweet little Candy Canes are getting me great results in my effort to help my students capitalize their proper nouns.  Kids had a super fun brainstorming sheet and went to town.
I could eat up this candy cane bulletin boardCandy cane-001
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Just a reminder to plan lots of Random Acts of Kindness for 12/14/13. The town of Sandy Hook is asking us to join with them in healing through kindness. 
My family has been RACKing it up all month using cards from this freebie. We have been doing 1 RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)  a day, but you could do several in honor of the Sandy Hook children and families.  Freebie fromTeacher to the Core Random Acts of Kindness
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I am a tease……… what can I say?
Teacher to the Core