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February 10, 2013

Teach w/Me: Presidents’ Day

President's Day Cover-001

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Presdient's Day mini book & graph1bWhy do we love Presidents’ Day?

6 words!

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

No school!

Presdient's Day mini book & graph2b

Presdient's Day mini book & graph3b

George Washington was our first President and the

first President we are going to talk about!

Presdient's Day mini book & graph4-001

What do you think his father said or did?
let's Find OUT!
Presdient's Day mini book & graph5-001


The next president we are going to explore is Abraham Lincoln.

He is our 16th president and one of the most

beloved presidents of all time.

Presdient's Day mini book & graph7-001

Presdient's Day mini book & graph9-001

Presdient's Day mini book & graph8-001

Presdient's Day mini book & graph1 newest-002

Here are real pictures of their coins.

Here are real pictures of their paper money.

Presdient's Day mini book & graph11-001

This is a picture of where our lawmakers come together

to discuss and make decisions.

They will take votes to make final decisions.

We are going to take a vote on our favorite President.

Sometimes a vote is called a Poll.

Presdient's Day mini book & graph12-001

Here are some other fun facts about these two amazing presidents.

They both have large monuments built in their honor.

This is the Washington Monument

This is the Lincoln Memorial

They both appear on Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore is a huge mountain where faces

of famous presidents have been carved into the sides.

George Washington is the first face.

Abraham Lincoln is the last face.

It took 14 years to carve the faces of these presidents.

400 people worked on this project.

It cost almost 1 million dollars to finish.


That’s a whole lot of quarters and pennies!

Are you ready to sing a little song about President’s Day????

Click {here} to go to You Tube


Here they are are, the men we remember on Presidents’ Day.

Happy Presidents’ Day

I have created a test to help assess your student’s

ability to read and remember.

Presidents' day Test1   Presidents' day Test2

Click {here} to download the test from Google docs.

Click {here} to download the free book from Teacher’s Pay Teachers.

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February 2, 2013

Five for Friday…or Saturday

I am “tho thick” as my Teeny Tiny friend would say. 

I mean really sick.  This is not the flu, this is torture!

Here is what happened….

One of my students exhaled (in a big huff) 

right in my face on Tues.

{who just did an involuntary shudder or heave?}

{I know I did.}

Guess who did not come to school Wednesday ?


Guess who went home sick at lunch on Wednesday?


I deserve hazard pay!

I dragged myself back to work on Thursday and

barely made it though Friday.

b     a     r     e     l     y

At after school duty my admin said, 

“Katie, go home now.

I love you and you are the best teacher 

at this school.”

  Ok, the last part I made up…

 She did tell me to go home, get better, and

that she would finish my duty.

I was so sick I could only get half way

through all my linky parties yesterday…

So I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs a day late.

It’s a good thing they don’t charge,

because I would probably be a dollar short too!


My class completed our timeline. 

I let them choose which picture

would represent me.  This is not the one I would pick,

but they are happy so


I’m happy too…

My hips are not that big.

I adore the “Little Love” that drew this.

Having the class vote for her drawing may have been

the highlight of her year.

So, I’m taking one for the team…

We are studying Washington for the week.


The student art and writing turned out great!


The student art and writing turned out great!


To read more about my American Heroes Unit Click {here}


This calendar makes me soooo happy!

Chinese New Year on Friday the 8th

100th day on the 12th
Valentines Day the 14th
Training the 19th
And tracking off day the 22nd!

I wrote a post all about year round school

 and tracking off {here}.

If you don’t know what it is, let me tell you…

 It’s a good thing!


You know what else is a good thing?

This little guy!

He will be celebrating his 100th day as a

 “kinderbear” on Monday.

He was so cute while gluing on the eyes…

After about 10 he would say, ok time to take a break!

I would have to coax him back.

I applied the glue he put the eyes on

 for what seemed like HoUrS.

Of course, as I finished I looked carefully at the package...

The eyes were SELF ADHESIVE!

I told you guys I was sick!!! I can't think straight!

Well, that’s all folks.

This momma needs to head into

the “The Master” as Little Bear calls it

and watch the 70’s TV Show 

“The Land of the Lost” with "The Boys".

It’s our Saturday morning tradition.  

We just bought the whole {corny} series from Amazon.  

They love the show, so I love it.

Product Details


Click the pic to head on back to Sweet Doodle Bugs!

Remember the big sale this Sunday!

Click the pic to go shopping in my store.

Sending love to ya’ll as my Texan friends would say!

January 5, 2013

American Heroes!

I finished it!

{Cue the Angels singing and my family cheering!}

This has been a real labor of love.

From commissioning the art, from Melonheadz

to writing and writing and WrItInG….

then editing, and editing (eyes crossing) and editing

(Thank you Lisa and Greg for the help of editing)

It’s been a long haul, but I am pleased to introduce……


Like Mammals of the Woods and American Symbols this unit falls into

the category of

“Common Core: Informational Reading and More”

  The fluency passages are differentiated to provide you materials to

challenge all levels of reading in your classroom.

The differentiation also means that this unit can reach

first – third graders.

My first graders read the same passage all week for fluency practice.

Third graders might use these pages as comprehension builders.


Every passage has a page like this that can be used as a test or

photocopied on the back as reading comprehension.

MLK test



Here are the heroes I covered in this unit

Johnny Appleseed
Betsy Ross
George Washington
Helen Keller
Abe Lincoln
Harriet Tubman
Alexander Graham Bell
Susan B. Anthony
Amelia Earhart
Bessie Coleman
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rosa Parks
Barack Obama

To keep the fluency readable for first graders ( which can be tricky,

might I add) I provided a background information card to be read to

them before hand.  This introduces key vocabulary. It is pretty enough

to be displayed on the wall while that hero is being studied.  The

second and third grade fluency passages don’t really need these

background info cards, but can still be read to them ahead of time as a

form of introduction.


This time I have added a great grammar component to support

teaching the parts of speech and subject/predicate for my 3rd grade

peeps.  I have provided cool anchor charts as tools.


My most favorite part is the art!

 I am in love!

Of course, all of the art

has an academic component, which makes it smart art.


Here’s Johnny….

I cannot tell a lie, this George is cute.

Honestly, Abe is a sweetheart too!

MKL is C-U-T-E.

Of course, the art comes with directions in pictures and words.

Here is a sample.


I also gave you a ton of fun ways to support the Common Core

 in your classroom.

Speaking of needs, when you are talking about history, timelines are

super helpful. I gave you all the materials you need to create a

HUGE timeline in your room!  You get an 8-10 inch full color graphic of

each hero. Also provided are date markers.


This is really a labor of love and I hope you enjoy it. 

Head over to TpT by clicking here {here}

The first person to comment wins my new unit!

But comment away, because I will choose another winner on

Monday 7th.

You must be a follower on my blog to win.

(I need to be able to find your name in my followers box)

Congrats Michelle, comment #11

 for winning my Place Value Leprechaun.

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