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I am going to be sharing some of my best ideas this Friday and Saturday at the Southern California TK-1 Conference (SCKC)!  Kelley Dolling and I are the first grade Key Note speakers for Friday, and we have some exciting news to share. We want YOU to join us. That’s right. You can sign up or you can win 1 of 5 seats for the weekend!!!!!




Lunch Break

NOT SO COMMON CORE MATH_PreConference 2016


Manage their Mischief cover

The session above is replacing B05 Frazzle Free Classroom and Behavior Management. 


Come eat dinner and chat with your favorite bloggers. We go from table to table chit-chatting, taking pictures, and answering all your questions!

The group with buttons2014

bash 2015


This year is going to be amazing!

**** Update ***** It was amazing and here is a photo to prove it!

BASH 2016


Each year the bash participants (That means you if you come.) get a disk of 30 full-sized products. Here is my product for this year!



I can’t WAIT to see you!



D04 10:15-11:30am


E03 1:00- 2:15pm

Manage their Mischief cover

F03 2:45-4:00pm



Click the picture above to register.


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  1. And I'll be there too: Presenting two sessions, at the Blogger Birthday Party, and as an exhibitor! I hope to see all of my blogging buddies once again this year.
    Palma from KFUNdamentals. :)

  2. I would LOVE to attend this amazing conference since this is my first year in FIRST GRADE!! Hoping that I win tickets! YAY!:)
    My Bucket Fillers Character Program is a GEM for Classroom Management! It is something that I have found effective for many different age groups and is a great reference to use throughout the school year once you have taught it in the beginning of the year. I just love it!

  3. I swear by anything from Rick Morris, the classroom management guru. I love his notes home in spanish and english, the clip chart, and rewards for individuals, table groups and class points!

  4. I like to focus on the positive and praise students when they are doing what I want (the behavior I'm looking for). I've found this to be very beneficial. Once I praise one student more and more display the desired behavior. Plus, it makes the classroom a positive place, which is a goal of mine.

  5. Whole Brain Teaching saved my sanity a decade or so ago, and it's the basis of my classroom management. I guide the kiddos in building a community we all want to be a part of, where everyone can learn and have fun and be safe. I use lots of praise, with the focus on kids' competency (think "you really made a responsible choice there," as opposed to "I like the way..."). We practice kindness, respect, and developing growth mindset all year long.

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  7. I'd love to go! I had to give up my spot to a new K teacher this year. :-(

  8. Clear procedures and routines and fuzzies.

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