Win a trip to Vegas and 1 day at the SDE conference! For Real.

 Picture it now!  YOU in LAS VEGAS?
The “Primary Chalkboard”
Team of Bloggers
Wants to Send You
to Vegas!

We want to send YOU to attend a one day session at the SDE conference and you get to pick your day  I know you are going to pick Monday so that you can see me present!

So, will you choose Singapore Math, Differentiated Instruction, I Teach K, I Teach 1st, or the  newly added I Teach 2nd?  How fun is that?

BUT, that's not all,
we're also including a $25 gift card to the SDE bookstore,

So, NOW can you picture YOURSELF in VEGAS?

Oh, you say you need money for airfare, hotel accommodations, or just some spending money while you are here?  Well, we've got that covered, too.  How about ….
NOW, can you picture YOURSELF in VEGAS?

Here's how to enter for a chance to win.
  1.  Start at the Primary Chalkboard blog.
  2.  Hop through our Facebook pages
  3. "Like" and COMMENT with #primarychalkboardsendmetovegas on each page
  4. Each tip will have a number in the pink heart, write those down
  5. Add the numbers together and enter the sum on the rafflecopter found on the Primary Chalkboard blog
Be sure to add a comment on the FB page and include #primarychalkboardsendmetovegas.

START at the  Primary Chalkboard by clicking the image below:

For an extra chance to win this, take a selfie, post it on IG with
Don't forget to tag us in your picture! @primarychalkboard

The winner will be picked on April the evening of April 5th.

for their kind  and generous donation!

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