Sweet Summer Freebie

Even though it’s beach season, some of my pals are teaching right now. So this little freebie is with them in mind. ABC order is the perfect skill to address vocabulary acquisition.  This little snippet is up in the corner of each page:

“CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.L.6 I can learn new words (general, academic, and domain specific). Knowing these words helps me with my reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This will help me get ready for college or my career.”

That’s why I have a whole pack of these pages to for all the holidays and themes. They are the perfect way to help little learners build vocabulary!

Sweet Summer Freebie to help young students with Vocabulary Acquisition.  Your English Language Learners will especially benefit from the picture of every word ! Of course, I am going to be using this baby my first week back as well !(13 more days until school starts). Until then, I am sleeping in, working out, poolside, beach combing, and sweet tea drinking! Sending love to you my sweet friends!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! You're the SWEET one! :)

    1. Awe Lorena, that makes me feel good!

  2. Such a good idea for the first few weeks of school. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten


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