Nice to meet you! New photos and a freebie!

I am getting together with the Blog Hoppers this week and introducing

 myself for Monday's Meet the Teacher Linky.

   It's like a Blogging Debutante Ball and you know this sister likes a par-tay!

So some of you know me... 

And some of you are new my little nick of the woods...

But either way, I love ya and I have a freebie for you too!

But first the introductions!


Hi, I'm Katie

I was a wild kid… Lots of energy… 

Teachers probably wanted to sedate me...

 I am sure my mother refused them.

About me 6

But I loved school and I wanted to be the teacher.

The picture below  is my second grade self 

getting to write the date on the board. 

I was so so so proud, and I did my very best printing!
Post This1
Now, I am the teacher and half the time I don’t change

the date until a kid says something like,

“How long is it going to be February 5th?” 

So I change the date, and I give the kid who noticed a Skittle….

Hush money…. just keeping it real.

 I grew up and married a great guy. I mean seriously great.

We are not perfect, but like Peanut Butter and Jelly,

we are perfect for each other....

Oh, we have our days! We are on World War 316,   but

 I would chose him all over again!

About me 14   All about me 14
We moved about a million times (really 5 times in 10 years)

until we bought this house 4 minutes from our schools.

4 minutes…. the commute is killer!

I love our house and I adore decorating it. 

My pocketbook can't keep up with my ideas!

About me 10.2

These are our shih-tzu children… yes I said it…

I am the mother to furry children.

Meet Poppy and Daisy, my flower girls.

I only wish they were covered under my HMO plan

because vet bills are not cheap.

About me 8

In 2006 we had our sweet son.

It was a horrid pregnancy, and I went into labor about every other

week from 6 months on. Jackson was born at 36 weeks,

 but soooooo, sooooo, sooooo, sick.

 I mean really..... [ wipe a tear ]..... sick.....  

He spent 18 days in the N.I.C.U.

I wrote a post about my experience {here}.

To say this was life changing is an understatement.

About me 9

 Now he is healthy, happy, and at grade level in academics and maturity.

He is not a NICU baby anymore, but I will forever be a “NICU Mommy”.

It changes you. My husband said it best in his post called {NICU Daddy}.

About me 4About me 3
All about me 16All about me 18

My grandma says rough beginnings make, 

for great endings... I believe her.

For such a rough start, Jackson has made up for it in personality plus.

He is a chatterbox who says the funniest stuff. 

Thank God his K Teacher has a sense of humor!

He sits at his “own desk” in kindergarten….

....away from friends to chat with… in..... an island…. {inner teacher cringe}

He knows 180 sight words, and his teacher has not asked to sedate him! 

Praise the Lord!

This is by far my favorite picture of my kid. He was 4 and said,

Really big sungalsses
“Mommy these are really big sunglasses.”

Quite frankly, I wish they were bigger sunglasses,

but that is another story.

Beach boyAbout me 5

I adore the beach and I loath laundry.

I mean really LOATHE it.

This hallway of 16 loads was the result of simply ignoring the laundry…

....eventually you can’t ignore things…

because nakedness outside the bedroom is not an option.

So that’s my story… 

simple girl

 faithful believer

often a whimsical disaster on wheels

 a teacher to the core 

 (both Common Core and deep down to my toes)

 truth teller



 and aspiring domestic goddess.

If you like what you see, please follow me….

and buckle your seat belt,

because it’s going to be a  WILD and delightfully, bumpy ride!

Freebie Alert!

And now for the promised freebie. I adore awards assemblies. I really do. 

The students at my school preform songs, and I cry every stinkin' time!

Our students also dress up for assemblies, 

not in church clothes, but in Spirit Day outfits...

Team Jerseys

PJ Day

Backwards Day

I am waiting for 80's day.

 I have a crimping iron and I am waiting to peg my jeans!

any who....

I also like my first graders to wear hats to the assemblies. 

To celebrate being recently tamed of our "Wild Thing" kinder-kitten-crazies,

 we will wear these crowns to our first assembly!

Teacher crown comes in 
King and Queen versions for male and female teachers.
See my pal Greg and Co. wearing his hats {here}
Kinder and First grade are ready for the taking!

Student hat are simple to assemble and fun to color when they are finished with other work.

I must say though that these students of mine are darling. 

They are hardly "Wild Things" at all, 

but after about 20 minutes of sitting at an assembly 

or in class  the inner wild bubbles up.

 Taming the inner "Wild Thing", that's what we are working on 

these first few weeks, and what I'll be talking about on Thursday!

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  1. Oh Katie, I'm so glad to hear that someone else forgets to change the date! Things got hectic around the end of the year and there were definitely some "when are you going to change that?" days. Reading your description of the hush-money-Skittle was hilarious because it's absolutely true!

    Glad to be a follower of your blog!

    First Grade Follies

  2. I love that you are keeping it real...especially in your post. I strongly dislike laundry with a passion. In college I bought enough undies to last me well over a month to stay out of the laundry room. I don't mind putting it in or switching it to the's the hanging and folding that puts me over the edge. Your family is precious!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Hahahahaha... can't tell you how many times I forgot to change the date last year! Omg. :) My little one is a fireball, too... also just finished K and I agree, thank goodness her teacher had a sense of humor. I got many the lovely behavior charts all year! Can't wait to see what first brings... ;)

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  4. I am so like that with the date - made me giggle. My husband harnesses the washing, because I forget to do it! 18 years ago our son was born prem and we spent 17 days in Intensive care - so I get that story. Our very tiny prem bub is now a man!
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  5. I love the picture of you changing the date on the chalkboard. So precious! :) It's so funny how many of us KNOW we want to be teachers since the very beginning. :) Just found your blog! Following now!

  6. You. are. HYSTERICAL! Between the "hush" money, your "sunglasses", and your laundry aversion I am cracking up. So excited to have found your blog :) I'm now following and cannot wait to read more of you keeping it real.
    The Imaginary Classroom

  7. I hate doing laundry too! Love your fun facts...and your school picture is adorable! :)

  8. I am terrible about changing the date too. Glad to know I'm not the only one! :-)

    Blooming In First

  9. It's a tradition in my classroom to leave the same date up for a few days. Yep, I depend on the kids to tell me that stuff! I can so related to the "exposion of laundry" picture. Your little boy is precious!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  10. You are too funny! Your son sounds like a hoot! What a cutie!


  11. You are precious and your post was a hoot! Loved reading all about you and your wonderful journey in life!

    For the Love of First Grade

  12. Oh, laundry is the absolute worst! My laundry room looks about like your hallway right now...I'm just digging through the piles til I find what I'm looking for!

    Teachery Tidbits

  13. I just about died at the sunglasses! I literally laughed out loud and The Mister looked at me like I was nuts! I'm your newest follower and I can't wait to hear more hilarious stories!

    Sweet in Seventh

  14. I am a mom to a NICU baby too - he is 19 now, but it is true - once a NICU mom always a NICU mom - it definitely changes you! I am glad to see that your little one is doing so well now!

  15. Hello new friends!!! I am dying to read all of your blogs!!! Look for me to come a knockin' at your blogs very soon!

  16. Thank you for sharing all of these things about you! I loved reading them. Not to make you mad, but I am totally spoiled and my husband does all of the laundry! I really have not touched a washer or dryer since we got married! (I think he thinks I would break the machines, but that's a whole other story!)

    Love your post!
    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning

    1. It does not make me mad because I am too busy being happy for you!!!!

  17. Great post Katie! I think read your husband's NICU blog a bit and didn't even know his relation to you! Love the reality in your posts! You are loved. And not just because you're a great teacher, you've always been a great person.

  18. I am loving that I found your blog! You have such great personality thanks for the laughs! :)


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