Stranded on a Desert Island with a Visa Card?

So in this linky I am STRANDED on a desert island and am going to telling you my three must have items.

Stranded on a desert island? 

First of all, Hell to the Nizz-O!  Stranded means no electricity which means things that make me shudder.  No flat iron, no iphone, no microwave. Nope.  If this island does not have shirtless cabana boys and drinks with little umbrellas then I’m out.

But let's pretend I am stranded on an island resort because my flight was cancelled for a week. The cancellation was due to an airline strike resulting in higher wages for people like my cousin Janie…. Now I’ll play.

So I am stranded and my 3 must haves would be…

Aside from the very phallic nature of these and the fact the I blush and inwardly snicker every time I use them, these are amazing.  They are yummy, they work, AND they don’t get lost in your purse. Seriously, best chap stick ever !!!!!!!!!!

My camera… remember I am on a resort and this beachy place is nice!  I am going to take pictures of my people, my shih-tzus who have made the trip with us, waves, and maybe some cabana boys dolphins.

You think I am kidding about the flat iron. I am not. Medusa has great hair compared to mine.  My hair has a serious personality disorder. My locks can channel Whoopee Goldberg, Cher, and Julia Roberts all at the same time if left to its own devices. 

One morning my hubby said, "Honey what did happen to your hair last night?"  My answer, "I went to bed with wet hair."  The look on his face said it all.   I am pretty sure his inner dialog was, "It's a good thing she has that $90 flat iron.  I will buy her a new one the minute that one breaks.  I'll even buy her the one with steam if it saves me this vision of beauty."  Of course he said none of this out loud.   Smart man, very smart. 

So every morning I grab a chair, a whip, and my flat iron.  I say a prayer and off I go! I don’t really pray for my hair… but I do pray about the stress in my life leading to grey hairs!

So that is my three things… of course I would take my ipad with Bible app, Angry Birds, Blogging Community, and FB with me. But that would be mentioning 4 things, and I am nothing if not a rule keeper!

You know what you need? $25 to buy more of your desert island must haves!  Well my hubby and I are celebrating.  We have hit some milestones!!!!!
My Mr. is celebrating 500 followers on his blog and 2,400 followers on Twitter and I am celebrating almost 900 here and over 1,000 on TpT! Woooo- hooooo!  Enter to win and celebrate with your own $25 of mad money!
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  1. You made me laugh so hard. I am totally NOT a stranded-on-a-desert-island kind of gal, for precisely the same reason: no electricity. Stuck in an island resort, all the way!

    Love your giveaway - congrats on the milestones! Don't know if I quite qualify, being Aussie, but I entered anyway.

    xx Stef
    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. Congrats on your big milestones...and it's been less than a year too right?!?! That's so awesome! How cute that your hubby blogs as that!

  3. Great post. I had no idea how unnaturally attached you are to that flat iron (or your chap stick thingy- wow). Anyway, we can play "cabana boy" later.
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

    1. Oh yes please! Hold on let me get my chap stick first!


  4. I think we have the same hair...I always say I am Rosanna Rosanna Danna! *GRIN* Congrats!
    I hate cleaning toilets! THE WORST!

  5. Congratulations on your eeenormous fan based but its easy to see why. I love your blog.
    On the other end of the spectrum is I hate bathroom cleaning. We redid our to be retro...Didn't think of all that grout in between the tiny black and white tiles on the floor mixed with hair spray, bronzing powder and blush...need I go on!
    First Grade by the Sea

  6. I'm the opposite! I would need my curling iron! LoL... your page is so cute. So glad I found it. I'm your newest follower, drop by. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  7. Katie: Wow, your husband is really nice! My husband would actually tell me how bad my hair looked. But when I lost my sight, he promised me that he would always tell me the truth. So I guess that's fair too.

    I just put up some new freebies about amusement parks on my blog if you want to come over and check them out.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight


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