Best Advice Ever

I am pretty lucky, I actually teach on the

same grade level as my Master Teacher.

When I really need some advice she is there for me.

The best advice she ever gave me was not in words,

but in her actions.  Her actions say this to me….


She is what she is and she owns it.

She says what she says and she owns it.

She teaches how she likes and not every parent loves it initially.

She owns it.

She also wins them over… because she is amazing.

We don't always see eye to eye,

but I sure do like her, and part of that is because she owns

 her triumphs,


and is comfy in the skin she is in.

Own it !

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  1. Good advice! I wish I could back to the first year me and tell her that. I used to bow to every parent request and apologize before they finished their sentence. Now I know to be more confident in my actions and choices.

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

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    1. Oops, deleted comment on accident.
      Just saying, thanks for the advice. In teaching we have to work with so many personalities and interests. Keeping everyone happy is not an option.
      Owning it is a great goal.



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